Graded Stakes Results & Divisional Standings (10/9/12)

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A look at the graded stakes results and divisional standings through October 9th, 2012.

I finished up dating the Graded Stakes Results and Divisional Standings this afternoon. I've copied tables of the Top 10 for each division at the bottom of this post (sorry about the table formatting; the changes to SB Nation United have been a bit rough on tables).

Some notes on the current standings:

  • Any time you construct standing on a "point by event" basis, there is a reward for activity as much as performance. In other words, horse that run frequently all year long, but may not win a ton of races, have an edge over those that only run a handful of times but perhaps have won bigger stakes. Intrinsically, I like this as it's a bit of a reward for horses that stay in training all year. I think one of the things that make a horse good (or even 'great') is the ability to go out and race consistently without chronic physical issues.
  • The Turf Mile category is one where we see the best horse not in the top position due to running in fewer races under those conditions as his rivals. Mr. Commons clings to a 10 point lead, with Wise Dan well clear of the third place horses Data Link and Jeranimo. If Wise Dan goes on to win the Breeder's Cup Mile, he'll easily take this category. He's also in line for a speed figure bonus since he's run some of the fastest races in this division over the course of the year.
  • Earlier in the year I was curious if I'll Have Another's lead in the 3YO Colts division would hold up without him running in a single race and, as you can see in the standings below, he's still well clear of the others. In fact, there is pretty much no way another 3YO can catch him other than Alpha winning the Breeders' Cup Classic which, to be honest, is a long shot at this point.
  • I separated out the 3YO turf and main track horses for the first time and, in my opinion, I like the way the standings look now as compared to before. A horse like Summer Front is now rewarded for his specialization on the grass.
  • Grace Hall's victory in theG2-Indiana Oaks last weekend vault her to the top of the 3YO Fillies division. Like the Turf Mile division, the de facto top filly - Questing (GB) - is hurt due to running in fewer graded stakes than her rivals. The Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic should settle this race.
  • Again, the separation of the turf females from the dirt provides more clarity; Lady of Shamrock is clearly the best 3YO turf filly but it's misleading to group her in with fillies like Grace Hall and Questing when they run on different surfaces.
  • No matter how you slice it, Game On Dude dominates the Classic division and should finish the season on top unless he completely flops over the final three months of the year.

    Something to think about with the older horses: both Game On Dude and Wise Dan are geldings which, thankfully, ensures they won't be rushed off to the breeding shed following the end of the season.
  • Man, that Sprint division is (once again) wide, wide open. The Factor is retired, Amazombie just ran a dull fourth in his last start and all the other contenders have taken turns beating up on each other. Could this be a year where a standout filly can beat the boys in the Breeders' Cup Sprint?

Below is the link to the spreadsheet on Google Drive with the entire 2012 Graded Stakes results along with the Top 10 from each division.

2012 Graded Stakes Results & Divisional Standings

2YO Colts
Rank Horse Total
1 Know More 105
2 Shanghai Bobby 80
3 Bern Identity 50
Scherer Magic 50
Fortify 50
6 Power Broker 45
Joha 45
Rolling Fog 45
9 Dynamic Sky 35
Spurious Precision 35
Goldencents 35
Overanalyze 35
I'm Boundtoscore 35

2YO Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Executiveprivilege 115
2 Spring in the Air 70
So Many Ways 70
Kauai Katie 70
5 Spring Venture 60
6 Dreaming of Julia 45
7 My Happy Face 35
Broken Spell 35
Sweet Shirley Mae 35
Beholder 35
Scarlet Strike 35

3YO Colts
Rank Horse Total
1 I'll Have Another 170
2 Alpha 140
Bodemeister 140
4 Secret Circle 110
Creative Cause 110
6 Union Rags 105
7 Hansen 100
Trinniberg 100
9 Paynter 95
10 Neck 'n Neck 85
Golden Ticket 85
Bourbon Courage 85
Mark Valeski 85
Nonios 85

3YO Colts Turf
Rank Horse Total
1 Summer Front 75
2 Howe Great 65
3 Silver Max 60
My Best Brother 60
5 Finnegans Wake 50
6 King David 45
Bayrir (FR) 45
8 King Kreesa 35
Old Time Hockey 35
10 Lucky Chappy (IRE) 30

3YO Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Grace Hall 155
2 Zo Impressive 140
3 Questing (GB) 125
4 In Lingerie 120
5 Contested 115
6 Eden's Moon 110
7 Reneesgotzip 105
Believe You Can 105
9 Broadway's Alibi 95
10 Via Villaggio 90

3YO Fillies Turf
Rank Horse Total
1 Lady of Shamrock 140
2 Centre Court 85
My Gi Gi 85
4 Better Lucky 60
5 Open Water 50
Stormy Lucy 50
Dayatthespa 50
8 Regalo Mia 45
9 Colonial Flag 40
10 Somali Lemonade 35
Eden's Moon 35
Stephanie's Kitten 35

Rank Horse Total
1 Game On Dude 195
2 Ron the Greek 150
3 Richard's Kid 110
4 Fort Larned 95
5 Redeemed 85
6 Flat Out 70
Hymn Book 70
Mucho Macho Man 70
9 Alternation 60
Mission Impazible 60
Nates Mineshaft 60
Wise Dan 60

Dirt Mile
Rank Horse Total
1 Shackleford 115
2 To Honor and Serve 50
Mucho Macho Man 50
Tapizar 50
Nates Mineshaft 50
Fort Larned 50
7 Jersey Town 45
8 Jackson Bend 40
9 Rail Trip 35
Rule 35
Caleb's Posse 35
Uh Oh Bango 35
Successful Dan 35

Dirt Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Include Me Out 105
2 It's Tricky 80
3 Ellafitz 50
Awesome Maria 50
5 Daisey Devine 45
6 Love and Pride 40
7 Star Billing 35
Brushed by a Star 35
Bay to Bay 35
Cash for Clunkers 35

Dirt Sprint
Rank Horse Total
1 The Factor 105
2 Amazombie 95
Capital Account 95
4 Camp Victory 80
5 Caixa Electronica 75
Emcee 75
Essence Hit Man 75
8 Coil 70
Poseidon's Warrior 70
10 Hamazing Destiny 65

Dirt Sprint Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Groupie Doll 175
2 Musical Romance 130
3 C C's Pal 115
4 Nicole H 85
5 She's Cheeky 80
6 Roxy Gap 75
Sugarinthemorning 75
8 Derwin's Star 60
Magical Feeling 60
It's Tricky 60

Rank Horse Total
1 Royal Delta 105
Include Me Out 105
3 Love ThewayYouare 80
4 Love and Pride 70
5 Upperline 50
6 Plum Pretty 45
In Lingerie 45
8 Tiz Miz Sue 40
Awesome Maria 40
10 Mystical Star 35
Absinthe Minded 35
Joyful Victory 35

Turf Classic
Rank Horse Total
1 Point of Entry 170
2 Slim Shadey (GB) 165
3 Simmard 105
4 Al Khali 95
Casino Host 95
6 Acclamation 90
Little Mike 90
8 Papaw Bodie 85
9 Utopian 75
Forte Dei Marmi (GB) 75

Turf Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Zagora (FR) 120
2 Marketing Mix 115
3 Hit It Rich 105
4 Capital Plan 85
5 Dream Peace (IRE) 60
City to City 60
Aruna 60
8 All Star Heart 50
9 Nahrain (GB) 45
I'm A Dreamer (IRE) 45
Belle Royale (IRE) 45
Winter Memories 45

Turf Mile
Rank Horse Total
1 Mr. Commons 135
2 Wise Dan 125
3 Data Link 75
Jeranimo 75
5 Willyconker (IRE) 70
Obviously (IRE) 70
7 Tune Me In 50
Corporate Jungle 50
Doubles Partner 50
10 Suggestive Boy (ARG) 35
Turallure 35
Wilcox Inn 35
Wilkinson 35
Dominus 35
Riding the River 35
Hunters Bay 35
Guys Reward 35

Turf Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Total
1 Tapitsfly 150
2 Hungry Island 85
3 Winter Memories 60
Quiet Oasis (IRE) 60
5 Zagora (FR) 50
6 Daisy Devine 35
Marketing Mix 35
City to City 35
Bauble Queen 35
Silver Max 35

Turf Sprint
Rank Horse Total
1 Bridgetown 40
2 Great Mills 35
Something Extra 35
4 Perfect Officer 25
Ben's Cat 25
Big Band Sound 25
Upgrade 25
California Flag 25
Unbridled's Note 25
Roxy Gap 25
Caracortado 25
Great Attack 25
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