Graded Stakes Results And Divisional Standings (7/8/12)

I'll Have Another

I finally finished updating the graded stakes results for the past month. We're essentially at the half-way point of the 2012 racing season and most divisions are beginning to take shape. However, as Steven Crist of the Daily Racing Form pointed out the other day, most of the Grade 1 races slated for 2012 are scheduled to take place over next five months. So while the calendar says we're only half-way through the racing season, the graded stakes schedule indicates we're just getting in to the swing of things.

As usual, you can find the entire Graded Stakes and Divisional Standings spreadsheet at the link below (via Google Docs).

2012 Graded Stakes Results and Divisional Standings

If I get a little free time in the next week I am going to go through and summarize the speed figure rankings for each division. There are bonus points for winning a race with a speed figure that ranks in the top 5%, 15% and 25% of all stakes races in each division. Speed figures from Beyer, Bris and Equibase will be ranked within each system and then merged to form a Speed Index Ranking. Horses in the top 5% will receive 15 bonus points for each figure in that group; 10points for figs in the 6% to 15% range, and 5 points for the 16% to 25% range. Here's an example from the 3YO Colts Division.

There have been 44 graded stakes races in 2012 for 3YO Colts in which we have figures from all three of Beyer, Bris and Equibase. After ranking each winner within each figure system, and then creating a Speed Index Rank ((Beyer Rank + Bris Rank + Equibase Rank))/3), bonus points will be assigned to each horse based on figures that rank at the top of the list. Horses ranking in the Top 5% of the Speed Index Rank - currently Trinniberg* and Bodemeister - receive an extra 15 points each. Horses in the Top 15% - currently I'll Have Another, Gemologist, Hansen, Neck 'n Neck and Secret Circle - each get a 10 point bonus. I'll Have Another would receive a 20 point bonus because he has two races that rank in the Top 15%. The Top 25% receive 5 bonus points - currently Out of Bounds, Creative Cause, Hierro and Trinniberg.

*Yes, routers and sprinters are mixed together in the 3YO Colt and 3YO Filly categories; it's not perfect and I'll probably tweak this moving forward after we see how things play out by the end of the year.

The bonus points won't be determined until the end of the year, but we can at least get an idea of which horses have performed at a high level at various times during the season.

Something to take note of with the Standings is the split with the Older Classic and Dirt Mile divisions. Because the sport cards so many races at 8.5 and 9.0 furlongs (and due to the fact that I decided to draw the line between the two division between those two distance), we see some horses that we think of as "Classic contenders" showing up in the Dirt Mile rankings (To Honor and Serve, Mucho Macho Man, etc.). I don't think there is much we can do about that unless we put 8.5 furlong races in the Older Classic category which I'm hesitant to do.

Perhaps in future versions of this system I'll simply have a category for Older Horses and then subcategories for milers and Classic horses but I'm not sure how much good that will do. It's simply the nature of the game in the U.S. today that our "Classic" horses spend a lot of time running in races that aren't exactly Classic in distance.

One additional point, there are a lot more nine and ten furlong races on the horizon as we roll into the latter half of the year which should help to provide better separation between the Older Classic and Dirt Mile divisions. But we'll have to wait and see whether that actually happens.

Below are the top 10 standings for each division as of Saturday, July 7th, without any speed figure bonus points.

2YO Colts
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Circle Unbroken 25
2 Positively 15
3 Special Jo 5
2YO Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Blueeyesintherein 25
2 Quiet Success 15
3 Shesakitty 5
3YO Colts
Rank Horse Pts.
1 I'll Have Another 170
2 Bodemeister 140
3 Secret Circle 110
Creative Cause 110
5 Union Rags 105
6 Trinniberg 100
Hansen 100
8 Dullahan 85
Mark Valeski 85
10 Prospective 75
3YO Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Believe You Can 105
Zo Impressive 105
Reneesgotzip 105
4 Eden's Moon 95
Broadway's Alibi 95
6 Grace Hall 85
7 Disposablepleasure 75
8 Contested 70
Willa B Awesome 70
10 Sacristy 65
Dirt Mile
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Shackleford 80
2 To Honor and Serve 50
Fort Larned 50
Tapizar 50
Nates Mineshaft 50
Mucho Macho Man 50
7 Jackson Bend 40
8 Successful Dan 35
Rule 35
Caleb's Posse 35
Uh Oh Bango 35
Dirt Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 It's Tricky 80
2 Include Me Out 60
3 Awesome Maria 50
Ellafitz 50
5 Daisey Devine 45
6 Love and Pride 40
7 Cash for Clunkers 35
Bay to Bay 35
9 Awesomemundo 25
Miss Mittagong 25
Pachattack 25
Tiz Me Sue 25
Gitchee Goomie 25
Great Hot (BRZ) 25
Tapitsfly 25
Vision in Gold 25
Dirt Sprint
Rank Horse Pts.
1 The Factor 70
2 Camp Victory 65
3 Calibrachoa 50
Roman Threat 50
Essence Hit Man 50
Caleb's Posse 50
Amazombie 50
8 Jackson Bend 45
9 Caixa Electronica 40
10 Frumious 35
Gantry 35
Morning Line 35
Force Freeze 35
Smokey Fire 35
Yawanna Twist 35
Lonesome Street 35
Dirt Sprint Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Musical Romance 115
2 Groupie Doll 105
3 Nicole H 85
4 She's Cheeky 80
C C's Pal 80
6 Magical Feeling 60
Roxy Gap 60
8 Home Sweet Aspen 45
9 Juanita 35
Sugarinthemorning 35
It's Tricky 35
Older Classic
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Game On Dude 115
Ron the Greek 115
3 Hymn Book 70
4 Wise Dan 60
Alternation 60
Nates Mineshaft 60
Mission Impazible 60
Redeemed 60
9 Kettle Corn 50
Uh Oh Bango 50
Older Distaff
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Include Me Out 80
Love ThewayYouare 80
3 Plum Pretty 45
4 Absinthe Minded 35
Royal Delta 35
6 Zafeen's Pearl (GB) 25
She's All In 25
Love and Pride 25
Upperline 25
Afleeting Lady 25
Awesome Maria 25
Miss Mittagong 25
Tiz Me Sue 25
Turf Classic
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Slim Shadey (GB) 130
2 Simmard 105
3 Papaw Bodie 85
4 Utopian 75
5 Get Stormy 70
Bourbon Bay 70
7 Newsdad 60
8 Norvsky 50
9 Acclamation 45
Turbo Compressor 45
Little Mike 45
Desert Blanc (GB) 45
Turf Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Capital Plan 85
2 Hit It Rich 80
3 Aruna 60
4 Belle Royale (IRE) 45
5 Cambina (IRE) 40
6 Quiet Oasis (IRE) 35
Vamo a Galupiar (CHI) 35
Mystical Star 35
9 Hard Seven 30
10 Snow Top Mountain 25
Upperline 25
Heavenly Landing 25
Zagora (FR) 25
Wild Mia 25
Turf Mile
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Mr. Commons 95
2 Willyconker (IRE) 70
3 Jeranimo 60
4 Doubles Partner 50
Data Link 50
6 Riding the River 35
Turallure 35
Suggestive Boy (ARG) 35
Guys Reward 35
Wilkinson 35
Turf Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Tapitsfly 105
2 Quiet Oasis (IRE) 60
Winter Memories 60
Hungry Island 60
5 Zagora (FR) 50
6 Silver Max 35
Marketing Mix 35
Bauble Queen 35
City to City 35
10 Heavenly Landing 30
Briecat 30
Wild Mia 30
Turf Sprint
Rank Horse Pts.
1 Something Extra 35
2 Great Attack 25
Caracortado 25
Perfect Officer 25
Big Band Sound 25
Upgrade 25
California Flag 25
8 Victory Pete 15
Great Mills 15
Artic Fern 15
Bridgetown 15
Right One (FR) 15
Sayif (IRE) 15
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