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...and Zarkava, too.

It's turning out not to be a great day if you are a horse racing fan and you like to see the top stars actually race past their three year-old season.

2008 Arc winner, Zarkava, was retired today, although not because of any injury. (The Seattle Times: Zarkava retired)

Additional commentary: These are the types of retirements that drive horse racing fans crazy. Zarkava is owned by the Aga Kahn and was retired so she could be added to their broodmare collection thereby enhancing their breeding operations. Her foals will most likely bring a lot of money at auction, but considering that the Aga Kahn probably doesn't really need the money (just like Coolmore, and all the other big breeding operations), you wonder why the owners of these brilliant horses deny the public the enjoyment of their abilities. Retirement due to injury is one thing. Retirement for money, when you don't need the money, is another. Sadly, this has become commonplace within the sport.