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Selections for Saturday, October 11th

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This is not pretty at all. I drew a platinum sombrero again last week and now have my work cut out for me to get back above .500 this season. This week's "List of Disaster" is below:

UPDATED: A 2-3 week when a 4-1 could have easily happened. Reaching .500 by season's end is going to take some weekends where I pick more winners than losers, for once.

A few thoughts to the teams I picked:

Georgia: You need to be more aggressive and run up the score.

Fresno State: You gave up 15 points to Idaho in the freakin' fourth quarter. Thanks for nothing.

LSU: How did you enjoy the "Bye" week? Oh, you mean you actually played a game? Could have fooled me.

Michigan State: I'll never stray again.

Boise State: At least someone knows how to TCB.
Georgia (-12/5) vs. Tennessee (Georgia 26-14; LOSS by .5)
Michigan State (+1) at Northwestern (MSU 37-20; WIN by 18)
LSU (+6) at Florida (Florida 51-21; LOSS by...lots)
Boise State (-10.5) at Southern Miss (Boise St. 24-7; WIN by 6.5)
Fresno State vs. Idaho (Under 62.5) (FSU 45-32 (77); LOSS by 14.5)

Last Week: 0-5-0 (0% / 100% / 0%)
Overall: 9-19-2 (30% / 63% / 7%)