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Shocking news from the world of entertainment

Tara Reid Checks into Rehab

A couple of years ago, while I was in Chicago for a week prior to the Arlington Million, I was out having a few drinks late one night at several bars in the Loop. On my way back to my hotel I decided to stop off at Five Faces on Division to pick up some late night drunk food, otherwise known as a Polish with everything. So I grab a dog, some onion rings and head back to my hotel, at which point it's probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 4:30 AM. Back in my hotel I decide to surf the channels to see what television gems are running at this ungodly hour when I stumble across the E! channel and a mini-marathon of Taradise.

Taradise, for those unfamiliar with the show, was a sort of "documentary"/travel show/Tara Reid Drunkfest-series that ran on E! for a very brief time. Anybody that ever witnessed the show probably had odds on Reid ending up in rehab at some point as the show's entire concept was following Reid around while she either a) partied and got drunk, or b) told everyone where she was going to party and get drunk that night.

For anyone that hasn't seen Taradise, below is a recreation of a typical episode and, if you're really brave, a clip of the real thing. Sadly, both clips are similar.

I can't believe this show got canceled...or that she's in rehab.