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2009 Week 1 Selection Results

I was hoping for a little stronger start to the season than 2-3...not that I'm complaining. I mean, last year I dealt with a bunch of 0-5 and 1-4 weeks, so I'll take anything that keeps me near .500 to start off the campaign.

Here's a review of last week's selections:

Week: 2-3
Season: 2-3

Game: Oregon at Boise State
Pick: Over 64.5
Result: Boise State 19-8 (LOSS)

Offense was not in season in this early season tilt. The Broncos defense completely shut down the vaunted Oregon spread attack and left me wondering if Oregon might be in for a tough season.

Game: San Jose State at USC
Pick: Over 46.5
Result: USC 56-3 (WIN)

This one was almost TOO easy.

Game: Stanford at Washington State
Pick: Stanford -17
Result: Stanford 39-13 (WIN)

WSU is better but not enough to get within three touchdowns of the Cardinal.

Game: Utah State at Utah
Pick: Utah -21.5
Result: Utah 35-17 (LOSS)

State proved to be a tough out for the Utes in the opener. Had Utah played the same kind of D in the first half that they did in the second this would have been an easy cover. Instead it is a tough loss.

Game: Navy at Ohio State
Pick: Ohio State -22
Result: Ohio State 31-27 (LOSS)

I wasn't surprised that I missed this pick but I was surprised as to how far off I was. I figured that if Navy covered it would be by a few points not by a mere four. Not sure if this means OSU is overrated or Navy is underrated. We'll see in the next couple of weeks.