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Sunday Morning Quick Hits

-So Gulfstream gets a ton of rain and goes Yielding and Sloppy/Sealed. Nice. I hate handicapping an entire card and then it rains and ruins all my plans. I guess it's just part of the game but it can frustrating when your best laid plans go to waste.

Gulfstream Results - 1/9/2010

-My value play at Fair Grounds turned into a "not-so-value" play when Big Polka Dot was bet down to a non-tasty 3/1 by post time. I was hoping for something like 4/1 or 5/1, but when you are playing a six horse field you tend to not get the value that you want. It was all moot in the end since Sea Gaze proved to be the worthy chalk by scoring a 4 1/2 length victory over the field. Big Polka Dot finished a well beaten 3rd.

Fair Grounds Result - 1/9/2010, Race 6

-Over at Tampa Bay Downs, the Name Play of the Day, Who We Gunna Call, finished fourth in his debut. Perhaps he crossed the streams, or pissed off Mr. Stay Puft...

Tampa Bay Downs Result - 1/9/2010, Race 9