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What's on tap over the next week

Does anyone else feel like there is almost not enough time to wade through all the handicapping information before the Breeders' Cup?  Maybe it's due to the fact that year after year I devote more time to the Cup but it's still just a whirlwind of handicapping madness.  I love it but sometimes all the past performances start to meld together. 

I wanted to put out a bit of an FYI of what I've got planned for the site over the next week leading up to the Breeders' Cup.  I'm working on previews for the other divisions but I'm going to post them a bit differently than I've done in the past.  Instead of a separate post for all fourteen races (which tends to clog up the front page a bit) I'm going to combine a bunch in to several posts.  For example, I'm working on a  post that will look at all four of the juvenile races (Juvenile, Juv. Filly, Juv. Turf, and Juv. Filly Turf), and then another post that will have all of the sprint divisions together (Sprint, F&M Sprint, Turf Sprint), and so on.  So over the next few days you'll see preview posts for the juveniles, the sprints, the turf races, and everything else.  Hopefully this will keep the front page a little more orderly and easy to follow.

Tuesday morning the Breeders' Cup will conduct the post position draw and will assign the morning lines for every race.  I'll be following those live and will post all of the information as soon as that's

Thursday afternoon/evening I'll be flying out to Louisville which means posting and commenting from me will be a bit more infrequent.  I have the privilege of attending this year's Breeders' Cup as a guest of Jim Beam, who are sponsoring a program, "Salute Soldiers with the Spirit of America", that provides a VIP treatment for returning service members at an extraordinary sports or entertainment event.  I'll be spending the Breeders' Cup weekend with Capt. Adam Campbell, a Marine pilot that has conducted recon and support missions to ground forces in Afghanistan and an avid horse racing fan, as well as individuals from Jim Beam.  It should be a great time and one that I'm going to write about in greater detail in the coming days.

Friday and Saturday I'm going to be at Churchill Downs attempting to scratch out a two-day profit but I'll have pre and post re-caps for each day as soon as I can and I'll post an open thread for anybody wants to engage in discussion during the day.