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2010 Keeneland Fall Meet: Where do the Poly winners come from?

I am testing out a new data tool on some of the Keeneland Polycapping data that's available.  This will either be a cool and different way to display data, or it will simply add some color to the front page.  The SB Nation community that covers Chelsea FC  recently started using this application on some of their posts so I thought I'd give it a shot over here.  It appears to be a much easier way of displaying data on a website than the laborious process I was using before.  

The charts below illustrate the last track of all fall meet Keeneland main track (Polytrack) winners since 2006.  There are three different charts, each corresponding to the last surface that each main track winner raced on prior to winning at Keeneland (All-Weather Surface: AWS, Dirt: D and Turf: T).  Each individual chart indicates which track the winners made their last starts at and how many total winners have come from that track during this time frame.  First time starters have been excluded.

Clicking the track abbreviation on the legend will highlight that track for all three charts.

A few quick thoughts:

-As you can see from the first chart, almost half of the horses that ran their last race over an AWS ran at Turfway Park, a number that may or may not surprise you.  Turfway horses have held their own at Keeneland during the last four fall meets.  

-Horses that raced on dirt prior to winning on the main track at Keeneland tend to come from Saratoga and Churchill, with Ellis, Mountaineer, and Belmont all chipping in a good amount of winners.  Arlington, before it went to Polytrack, also provided several dirt-to-synthetic winners.

-Horses that ran their last race on turf and then won on Poly?  Those horses have tended to run their last race at Saratoga, Arlington and Kentucky Downs,  In fact, Kentucky Downs has produced the most turf-to-synthetic winners at Keeneland since 2006.