Seeing the Queen in Her Element



This morning I didn't have to work, and since Zenyatta is about to be shipped off to Kentucky my Mom and I decided to make it out to Hollywood Park to see if we could see her. There have been stories of common folk making the trek to visit her for a few weeks now, so we figured what the hell.

I probably can't afford to take off work on Sunday for her going away party - so this was basically my last shot. The HP staff was kind and directed us how to get to her Barn. The dirt track leading up to it has famously been renamed, but I wanted to get the picture anyways.



And so there we were...just feet away from her people. Sheriff's poked his head out a few times to look at the fans (probably around 25-30 of us) milling around. I wanted to go say hello to him, but he was soon back in his office somewhere. Nonetheless Mario and Steve were incredibly patient as the trotted her back and forth and let everyone snap their pictures. I also have a few of Mom and I with Z - and lemme tell you how cool that was (and how soft she was) - but I don't wanna post the whole dang album here. Hehehe

It was really a great experience and once again made me feel lucky to live in the place where she was based - & that I get to see her race so many times.

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