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2010 Road to the Roses Fantasy Challenge

The Kentucky Derby fantasy game is back as the 2010 Road to the Roses Fantasy Challenge went live today.  Road to the Roses is a free contest featuring weekly cash prizes and a grand prize trip to the 2011 Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks.  

I have created an And Down The Stretch They Come league for anyone that would like to participate and have sweetened the pot by adding a prize to the winner of this league.  To sign-up just click on over to the 2010 Road to the Roses site and follow the instructions.  Then select your initial stable of ten horses, two jockeys, and two trainers.  Once you're all signed up you'll be given the option to join a league. To join the league you'll need the league number and the activation code.  I've provided both of those below:

League Name: And Down The Stretch They Come
League Number: 272695426
Activation Code: 2393559094

In a change from years past, all of your horses will always remain active, as opposed to "activating" and "deactivating" horses throughout the game.  Instead, the player can choose five "Power Horses" that will earn double points for finishing first, second, or third in any Kentucky Derby prep race.  You can change your power horses throughout the contest, as long as the changes are done before a day with a scoring race.

This year, Road to the Roses will also have something called "Video Commissioners", which are essentially weekly video episodes highlighting the horses and races in the spotlight each week.  A nice little option for those that can't closely follow along with every piece of news.

1st Prize

The player that accumulates the most points will receive two extremely prestigious prizes.  The first is the title of "And Down The Stretch The Come 2010 Road to the Roses Champion"...a high honor if there ever was one.  The other first place prize is a DVD of the documentary film "The First Saturday in May".

The first scoring race for this year's Road to the Roses is Saturday, February 20th.  So get signed up, join the league, and try not to embarrass the league manager too much by beating him down (that would be me).