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Saturday Open Thread

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  • Graham Motion has scratched Turf Melody out of the Whirlaway and told the DRF that he's not sure where he's going to point him next.
  • There is a winter storm rolling through the northeast that has already caused the cancellation of several tracks and threatens to take Aqueduct with it.  The Aqueduct website describes the track conditions as "SNOW, 25 degrees".  Gulfstream Park, however, is expecting 75 degrees and sunny skies.  
  • Scratches/Changes are also out for Gulfstream with nothing of note relating to the three graded stakes races on the card.
  • Yesterday more rain moved into the Southern California area with a forceast of mist and heavy rain expected for today.  Don't be surprised if they are off the turf and if we see a bevy of scratches from the Santa Anita card.
  • I have to try an plan a trip to Costco at some point today to stock up for the Super Bowl party we are having tomorrow.  Two thoughts on this: First, I'm going to Costco on a Saturday...that's just stupid all on it's own.  Second, I'm going to have to pry myself away from the TV at some point which causes me to once again to thank the wonderful world of "technology" for man's greatest creation: the DVR.