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SB Nation Meet-Ups

I'm very slow in getting something on the site about this, but I figure better late than never.

You may have recently noticed an ad over on the right hand side for something called SB Nation meet-ups (the ads, I believe, are based on the location you log in from so you may or may not see it).  These meet-ups are essentially a way for members of SB Nation communities to get together over beverages and food, and they coincide with the launch of the new regional SB Nation sites.  Swish Appeal has a post that describes every thing in detail and provides the dates and locations of all the meet-ups (some have already taken place).

If you participate in other SB Nation communities (which most of us do), and you want to hang out and drink beer with some of the other mysterious posters from your area, be sure to RSVP and check these out.  I'm going to be attending the Seattle meet-up on June 30th, so if any area readers want to come by, throw back a beverage, and talk handicapping (or anything else), please do so.