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Jockeys handicap LeBron James at Belmont


I didn't think there was any way possible that I could tie tonight's absurd LeBron James fest into horse racing.  Thankfully, the New York Racing Association did it for me.

I love the description of this video on the NYRA YouTube site: "the county's shortest athletes weigh in on tonight's decision by one of the tallest."

Eibar Coa's bit at the end made me immediately imagine that if he were a basketball coach none of his players would ever use their opposite hand.  I got screwed out of a winner this winter when Eibar went through the entire stretch with the stick in his left hand, even while his mount drifted about eight paths wide and interfered with other horses.  The horse was DQ'd following an inquiry.  You're allowed to use both hands, Eibar.

My only disappointment from this video is that Jean-Luc Samyn didn't say, "who the hell is LeBron James?!?"   That would have been perfect.

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