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Gulfstream Payouts Tracker

If you're playing the Gulfstream meet this spring (winter...whatever), I've added an excel file on the left sidebar under "Special Content" that will track the daily payouts and pools for the Pick 4s, Pick 5 and Pick 6 throughout the meet. The file can also be found at the link below:

Gulfstream Park Payouts 2011

The Pick 4 payouts are listed for both $1 and $0.50.  The official result charts from Gulfstream display the Pick 4 payout to $1, which (given the new reduced rate) really isn't completely accurate.  I've included the $.50 price for simplicity.

The Pick 5 and Pick 6 payouts are to their base amount and include the daily and total carryover (if any).  

Each payout also has a summary of the winning odds for each leg of the sequence.