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Keeneland Quick Stat: Ramsey Horses Since Fall 2006

As noted in some of the more recent posts and in the comments below, offspring of Kitten's Joy and owners Ken & Sarah Ramsey are off to a very nice start at the 2011 Keeneland fall meet.  Those conversations got me thinking about the overall record for Ramsey horses at Keeneland.

Below is a look at the record of horses owned by Ken and Sarah Ramsey since the start of the Keeneland Fall 2006 meet (and prior to the start of the 2011 fall meet).  I've separated horses sired by Kitten's Joy and those sired by any other horse.

Sire Starts Win Place Show Win% ITM%
Kitten's Joy 47 10 11 5 21.3% 55.3%
Non-Kitten's Joy 179 34 22 26 19.0% 45.8%
All 226 44 33 31 19.5% 47.8%

There isn't much of a difference between the Kitten's Joy and non-Kitten's Joy runners, but the Kitten's do have a slightly better success rate. The biggest takeaway is the In-The-Money percentage of 47.8% for all Ramsey horses.  When they go into the gate, they are ready to run.

Since there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between Kitten's Joy and non-Kitten's Joy runners owned by the Ramseys, I wondered if there might be a difference based on surface.  Turns out, there is.

Surface Starts Win Place Show Win% ITM%
Polytrack 187 41 24 28 21.9% 49.7%
Turf 39 3 9 3 7.7% 38.5%
All 226 44 33 31 19.5% 47.8%

Once we break out the numbers between Polytrack and Turf we see a huge difference in success rate.  That sort of goes against what a lot of us might expect to see when you consider that Kitten's Joy is thought of by many as a turf sire and his runners account for 1/4 of the Ken & Sarah Ramsey wins since 2006.  But the turf numbers overall for Ramsey runners are pretty dismal - a paltry 7.7% success rate.  The Polytrack runners, however, win at a nice 21.9% clip. 

The Ramseys have four entries on Wednesday's Keeneland card, none of which are offspring of Kitten's Joy.