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2012 Stud Fees

Updated as January 17th. I think Scat Daddy's fee has gone up again, but I'm leaving it as is until Coolmore publishes the change. -TF

I was looking thru some of the articles today at Thoroughbred Times and figured I'd compile the stud fees of the major 12 or so breeding sheds out there. A couple notes: Private may mean limited numbers of dates, only high level mares will be approved, or the price is astronomical; all prices should be for live foal guarantee; and all prices are negotiable, to a point. Most prices are 2012 prices, some are still 2011, but that should be mostly negligible. Stallions in Canada are prices in Canadian dollars.

If I missed something important, please let me know. This just just trying to encompass the major stud operations in Lexington and elsewhere. I know I've missed something major, so just bring it up and I'll add it in. This is just a reference for anyone who is interested (and for me to come back to instead of having to search each farm/stallion separately when I forget how much it costs for each stallion.)

Corrections: Henny Hughes was a typo (corrected from 125k to 12.5k); Midshipman was a typo (corrected from 125k to 12.5k); Indian Charlie noted as deceased;

Farm Stallion Fee Location
Adena Springs Red Bullet Private KY
Adena Springs Awesome Again $50,000 KY
Adena Springs Ghostzapper $20,000 KY
Adena Springs Macho Uno $15,000 KY
Adena Springs Milwaukee Brew $12,500 Canada
Adena Springs North Light $10,000 Canada
Adena Springs Touch Gold $10,000 NY
Adena Springs Einstein $7,500 KY
Adena Springs Sligo Bay $6,000 Canada
Adena Springs Alphabet Soup $6,000 NY
Adena Springs Giacomo $5,000 CA
Adena Springs Showing Up $5,000 Canada
Adena Springs Wilko $5,000 Canada
Adena Springs Plan $5,000 KY
Adena Springs Silent Name $5,000 NY
Adena Springs Tiago $5,000 NY
Adena Springs Giant Gizmo $4,000 Canada
Adena Springs Harlem Rocker $3,500 NY
Adena Springs Mast Track $2,500 Canada
Adena Springs Singing Saint $2,500 Canada
Airdrie Indian Charlie $75,000 KY(DEAD)
Airdrie Include $12,500 KY
Airdrie Divine Park $10,000 KY
Airdrie Flashy Bull $10,000 KY
Airdrie Majesticperfection $8,500 KY
Airdrie Brother Derek $7,500 KY
Airdrie Proud Citizen $7,500 KY
Airdrie Badge of Silver $6,000 KY
Airdrie Stevie Wonderboy $5,000 KY
Airdrie Istan $3,500 KY
Ashford Giant's Causeway $85,000 KY
Ashford Uncle Mo $35,000 KY
Ashford Lookin at Lucky $30,000 KY
Ashford Tale of the Cat $30,000 KY
Ashford Henrythenavigator $25,000 KY
Ashford Cape Blanco $17,500 KY
Ashford Scat Daddy $17,500 KY
Ashford Fusaichi Pegasus $15,000 KY
Ashford Grand Slam $12,000 KY
Ashford Dunkirk $10,000 KY
Ashford Majestic Warrior $10,000 KY
Ashford Munnings $10,000 KY
Ashford Thunder Gulch $10,000 KY
Claiborne War Front $60,000 KY
Claiborne Pulpit $50,000 KY
Claiborne Blame $35,000 KY
Claiborne Arch $30,000 KY
Claiborne First Samurai $15,000 KY
Claiborne Flatter $15,000 KY
Claiborne Eddington $5,000 KY
Claiborne Horse Greeley $5,000 KY
Claiborne Stroll $5,000 KY
Claiborne Parading 3500 KY
Crestwood Nobizlikeshowbiz Private KY
Crestwood Unbridled Energy $6,000 KY
Crestwood Kipling $5,000 KY
Crestwood Noble Causeway $5,000 KY
Crestwood Tizdejavu $5,000 KY
Crestwood Taste of Paradise $3,500 KY
Darby Dan Ambassador (Ger) Private KY
Darby Dan Repriced Private KY
Darby Dan Quintus Sertorius Private KY
Darby Dan Tale of Ekati $15,000 KY
Darby Dan Sun King $10,000 KY
Darby Dan Magna Graduate $5,000 KY
Darby Dan Run Away and Hide $5,000 KY
Darley Bernardini $150,000 KY
Darley Street Cry $150,000 KY
Darley Henny Hughes $12,500 KY
Darley Midshipman $12,500 KY
Darley Medaglia d'Oro $100,000 KY
Darley Elusive Quality $50,000 KY
Darley Hard Spun $40,000 KY
Darley Street Sense $40,000 KY
Darley Lonhro $30,000 KY
Darley Any Given Saturday $15,000 KY
Darley Girolamo $15,000 KY
Darley Quiet American $15,000 KY
Darley Street Boss $15,000 KY
Darley Discreet Cat $12,500 KY
Darley Rockport Harbor $12,500 KY
Darley Desert Party $10,000 KY
Darley Holy Bull $10,000 KY
Darley Regal Ransom $7,500 KY
Gainesway Tapit $125,000 KY
Gainesway Afleet Alex $20,000 KY
Gainesway Corinthian $17,500 KY
Gainesway Hat Trick $15,000 KY
Gainesway Birdstone $10,000 KY
Gainesway Smoke Glacken $10,000 KY
Gainesway Orientate $7,500 KY
Gainesway Afleet Express $6,500 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Stormy Atlantic $40,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Zensational $20,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Midnight Lute $15,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Roman Ruler $15,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale El Corredor $10,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Indygo Shiner $10,000 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Concord Point $7,500 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Harlington $7,500 KY
Hill 'n' Dale Misremembered $7,500 KY
Juddmonte First Defence $7,500 KY
Juddmonte Conformation $7,500 KY
Lane's End Morning Line Pending KY
Lane's End Smart Strike $85,000 KY
Lane's End Candy Ride $50,000 KY
Lane's End Curlin $40,000 KY
Lane's End Lemon Drop Kid $35,000 KY
Lane's End Mineshaft $35,000 KY
Lane's End Quality Road $35,000 KY
Lane's End English Channel $25,000 KY
Lane's End City Zip $20,000 KY
Lane's End Rock Hard Ten $20,000 KY
Lane's End Discreetly Mine $15,000 KY
Lane's End Langfuhr $15,000 KY
Lane's End Twirling Candy $15,000 KY
Lane's End Courageous Cat $10,000 KY
Lane's End Pleasantly Perfect $10,000 KY
Lane's End Shakespeare $10,000 KY
Lane's End After Market $7,500 KY
Lane's End Stephen Got Even $7,500 KY
Lane's End Belong to Me $5,000 KY
Northview Stallion Station E Dubai $10,000 PA
Northview Stallion Station Jump Start $10,000 PA
Northview Stallion Station Smarty Jones $7,500 PA
Northview Stallion Station Silver Train $7,000 PA
Northview Stallion Station Fairbanks $6,500 PA
Northview Stallion Station Medallist $3,500 PA
Northview Stallion Station Love of Money $2,500 PA
Pin Oak Broken Vow $25,000 KY
Pin Oak Sky Classic $10,000 KY
Pin Oak Bob and John $8,000 KY
Pin Oak Cowboy Cal $7,500 KY
Ramsey Farm Kitten's Joy $50,000 KY
Spendthrift Malibu Moon $70,000 KY
Spendthrift Tizway $25,000 KY
Spendthrift Paddy O'Prado $15,000 KY
Spendthrift Warrior's Reward $15,000 KY
Spendthrift Tiz Wonderful $12,500 KY
Spendthrift Court Vision $10,000 Canada
Spendthrift Archarcharch $10,000 KY
Spendthrift Into Mischief $7,500 KY
Spendthrift Line of David $7,500 KY
Spendthrift Notional $7,500 KY
Spendthrift Dublin $7,500 NY
Spendthrift Wilburn $6,500 KY
Spendthrift Victor's Cry $5,000 Canada
Spendthrift Temple City $5,000 KY
Spendthrift My Pal Charlie $3,000 LA
Three Chimneys Dynaformer $150,000 KY
Three Chimneys Big Brown $35,000 KY
Three Chimneys Sky Mesa $30,000 KY
Three Chimneys Exchange Rate $25,000 KY
Three Chimneys Point Given $20,000 KY
Three Chimneys Yes It's True $15,000 KY
Three Chimneys War Chant $10,000 KY
Three Chimneys Flower Alley $7,500 KY
Three Chimneys Red Giant $6,000 KY
Three Chimneys Good Reward $5,000 KY
Three Chimneys Lewis Michael $3,000 KY
Vinery More Than Ready $60,000 KY
Vinery Congrats $35,000 KY
Vinery Bluegrass Cat $17,500 NY
Vinery Pioneer of the Nile $15,000 KY
Vinery Pomeroy $10,000 FL
Vinery Posse $10,000 NY
Vinery Pure Prize $7,500 KY
Vinery D'wildcat $6,500 FL
Vinery Kodiak Kowboy $6,500 KY
Vinery Kantharos $5,000 FL
Vinery Limehouse $5,000 KY
Vinery Street Hero $5,000 KY
Vinery Frost Giant $5,000 NY
Vinery Backtalk $3,500 FL
Vinery Maimonides $3,500 FL
Vinery Benny the Bull $3,500 KY
Vinery D'Funnybone $3,500 NY
Vinery Friendly Island $3,500 NY
Vinery Giant Surprise $3,500 NY
Walmac Ready's Image $65,000 KY
Walmac Successful Appeal $15,000 KY
Walmac Songandaprayer $6,500 KY
Walmac Hat Trick $6,000 KY
Walmac Bandini $5,000 KY
WinStar Distored Humor $100,000 KY
WinStar Tiznow $75,000 KY
WinStar Speightstown $50,000 KY
WinStar Harlan's Holiday $25,000 KY
WinStar Bellamy Road $20,000 KY
WinStar Super Saver $20,000 KY
WinStar Colonel John $15,000 KY
WinStar Sidney's Candy $15,000 KY
WinStar Summer Bird $15,000 KY
WinStar Artie Schiller $10,000 KY
WinStar Sharp Humor $7,500 KY
WinStar Spring at Last $7,500 KY
WinStar Hold Me Back $6,000 KY
WinStar U S Ranger $5,000 KY
Wintergreen Stallion Station Pollard's Vision $12,500 KY
Wintergreen Stallion Station Borrego $10,000 KY
Wintergreen Stallion Station Neko Bay $7,500 KY
Wintergreen Stallion Station Elite Squadron $5,000 KY
Wintergreen Stallion Station Five Star Day $5,000 KY