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Four Templates For Structuring Your Breeders' Cup Superfecta Tickets

The single greatest weekend of the annual racing calendar is upon us, so in the interest of stewardship, I thought I would share with each of you some templates I've honed over the years for playing the superfecta.  There is probably no better time to swing for the fences than on Breeders' Cup 2011 day, precisely because the horses involved are just so good, and the tote board becomes your friend because of that.  The difference between a 4-1 favorite and a 30-1 longshot may be minimal in terms of whether or not either of those horses can actually win, but because the tote board is always in statistical balance, great value can be found in just about every race.  Keying one of those 30-1 horses and having him hit one of the four holes can result in boxcar payoffs.

Here are the templates.  The document is presented as a screenshot since SBNation's editor doesn't play well with tables.  "Single" and "All" are self-explanatory, while "2H" or "3H" indicate two or three horses that you are keying to get into one of the holes.  Good luck, and may this year's Breeder's Cup be a great one for each of you!