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Indian Charlie Dead at 16

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Whoa. In a year when his stud fee rises to $75,000, Indian Charlie dies at Airdrie Stud. He had been battling cancer and had to be euthanized this morning at 9:30 AM.

I've talked about Indian Charlie several times, most directly when discussing Uncle Mo's Stallion Prospects. But no matter how much you like(d) him as a stallion, the fact was that he was clearly one of the most influential sires currently at stud. This is exemplified by his trending stud fees, (as per "His success at stud saw his fee rise for six consecutive years, to $12,500 in 2004, $15,000 in ’05, $25,000 in ’06, $40,000 in ’07, $50,000 in ’08, and $75,000 in ’09. Market conditions prompted a reduced fee of $70,000 in 2010-11 and he was slated to stand for $75,000 in 2012."

With the age to which many of the most influential sires are productive, Indian Charlie may have had another 6-8 breeding seasons left in him. It is indeed a sad day for all of his connections.