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Quick Thoughts on a Sunday

-The battery power on my laptop is beyond absurd.  I turned on my computer on the plane with a 100% battery that indicated I had 2 hours of life.  Now, I know that I'll never get 2 hours but I thought I'd get maybe an hour or so.  35 minutes.  In Sony time, 2 hours equals 35 minutes.  And that was on maximum battery saving settings.  Needless to say, I need to buy an extended life battery.

-The internet connections here in Cabo are less than stellar.  Don't they know these tourists need to be able to stream horse races over their laptop?!

-Game On Dude....really?  I didn't see that one coming.  And judging by the payouts, neither did anyone else.  

-How speed favoring is Santa Anita when a horse can sit a length off of leaders that go 1:10+ for six furlongs in a mile and a quarter race and he's still able to hold off the closers.  

-If First Dude isn't in an allowance race next time out then I don't know what to say.  Give the horse some confidence.

-A nice score by Stay Thirsty off the layoff for Pletcher and Repole.  Man, how stacked is their three-year-old contingent?  Additionally, the Wood could be a nice match-up between Stay Thirsty and Uncle Mo.