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A Quick Reminder This Week

With it being Kentucky Derby week there are going to be some new folks dropping by to comment - if you are one of those people: welcome and thanks for visiting! 

If you want to comment on any of the posts, fanshots, or contribute in any way, click on the "join blog" button on the upper right and jump right in.

The rules around here are pretty straightforward and I generally don't have any need to impose moderation tactics (and I've let some light things go in the past).  However, comments with links to gambling sites, tout websites, and other sites requiring people to pay for information, are going to get deleted as a clear violation of the few stated rules.  If you want to advertise your betting or picks service, please contact SB Nation directly.  Going forward from today, comments with these kinds of links will be deleted.

Comments with a link to a story your wrote on your own blog is fine by me, as long as it's relevant.

Below are the site rules that are posted when you join the site:

1. Keep it somewhat clean.  If you just lost a questionable photo for a $10,000 Superfecta, a rant is understood...but try to keep it PG-13.

2. Bring something to the table.  All ideas and opinions related to horse racing and handicapping are welcome.  Trolling is not welcome

3. No SPAM.  Attempting to sell something on this site (like picks or tout sheets) will result in immediate deletion.  If you want to advertise, contact SB Nation.

4. No politics or religion, ever.  I play the horses to get away from that kind of talk.