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KENTUCKY DERBY FLASHBACK: 2007 - Street Sense and Calvin Borel Make Their Mark

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The "Juvenile Jinx" is broken in 2007 when Street Sense and Calvin Borel rally from 19th position to win the Kentucky Derby over Hard Spun.

I always thought that Hard Spun ran a hell of a race that day. He sets the lead through very strong fractions - 22+ for the quarter, 1:11+ for six - and only gives up the lead to Street Sense inside the final furlong. Phenomenal race and, in any other year, it's probably a winning race.

1/4: 22.96
1/2: 46.26
3/4: 1:11.13
Mile: 1:37.04
Finish: 2:02.17

Internal Splits:
1/4: 22.96
1/2: 23.30
3/4: 24.87
Mile: 25.91
Finish: 24.34 25.13

A side note on that final 1/4 mile internal split of 24.34: that is the fastest final 1/4 mile in the Derby in the last twenty years. The next closest was 24.40 and 24.43 when Unbridled (1990) and War Emblem (2002) won. I flipped the finish internal split; it ranked 5th fastest until yesterday.