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SB Nation/Vox Media Officially Opposes SOPA

This site rarely wades into any kind of political discussion (for good reason, we want to talk about horses, not policy) but recently there has been a lot of attention directed towards Washington from the internet community. I'm sure most of you have read at least something about the bills in Congress aimed at preventing on-line piracy: SOPA and PIPA. SOPA has received the most attention in the press in recent weeks, including protests today by Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and other sites, due to what most feel are overly-vague and burdensome provisions.

SB Nation and its parent company, Vox Media, officially opposes SOPA.

New media companies see the legislation as a Web killer that threatens their very existence, as the key to engaged communities is the freedom to contribute to the conversation, including the contribution of relevant content. As a new type of media company that invests heavily in both developing our own premium content and providing our communities of readers with powerful tools with which to express themselves, Vox Media is in a unique position to understand the conflict raised by the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA.

You can read the official statement from Vox at the link above, along with any comments or discussion.