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Breeders' Cup Historical Payouts

A summary of the historical payouts, field sizes and odds at the Breeders' Cup since 1984.

Harry How

I'm going to post this piece with little to no introduction because A) my fingers are practically worn to the bone from typing the last few days, and B) the data is open to personal interpretation and uses.

Continuing a process that I started way (way?) back in 2007, I've compiled a spreadsheet of all the payouts from the Breeders' Cup since the first cup in 1984. Below is the link to the historical payouts file via Google Drive. Any and all errors or omissions are solely my own.

Breeders' Cup Historical Payouts

A few things to take note of:

  • All payouts are displayed as $2.00 bets. I don't like doing that since I prefer payouts at the bet minimum but, for consistency purposes, I've kept things at $2. Some of the exactas in the early years were $5 minimums and, of course, now we have $0.10 supers. Anyway, it's all $2.
  • I still haven't gone through and added in Daily Double data. One of these days I'll remember to do that before Breeders' Cup week. What can you do? Perhaps this winter I'll get this file exactly like I want it.
  • I've included the "new" races in the summaries but, obviously, the small sample sizes lessen the stability of the data.