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Hong Kong Cup 2012: Pedigree Summary

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A high-level summary of the pedigrees for the 2012 Hong Kong International races at Sha Tin.

Vince Caligiuri

With all due respect to our very own pedigree guru, TFTribe, I put together a quick spreadsheet pedigree summary of the fields for the 2012 Hong Kong International Races from Sha Tin. So, as I'm sitting here at home trying to get over a nasty cold I came down with yesterday morning, I decided to go through each field, dig into Pedigree, and separate out each runner, sire, dam and dam sire, and then run a quick summary table noting the nationality of each.

As I was going through the PPs for each race I had a mental note of a couple of different things. First, if we find American influences in the pedigree, it almost always comes as the dam sire. Second, some of the American sires that are present seemed a little obscure to me. ("Some", not "all").

Below are the summaries by race. As usual, any and all errors are mine.


Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
Sea Moon (GB) Beat Hollow (GB) Eva Luna Alledged
Dunaden (FR) Nicobar (GB) La Marlia (FR) Kaldounevees (FR)
Meandre (FR) Slicky (FR) Penne (FR) Sevres Rose (IRE)
Chinchon (IRE) Marju (IRE) Jarama (IRE) Hector Protector
Joshua Tree (IRE) Montjeu (IRE) Madeira Mist (IRE) Grand Lodge
Red Cadeaux (GB) Cadeaux Genereaux (GB) Artisia (IRE) Peintre Celebre
Dandino (GB) Dansili (GB) Generoud Diana (GB) Generous (IRE)
Jaguar Mail (JPN) Jungle Pocket (JPN) Haya Beni Homachi (JPN) Sunday Silence
Liberator (AUS) Encosta de Lago (AUS) Miss Helga (IRE) Alzao
Scarlet Camellia (NZ) Spartacus (IRE) Avelina (GB) Nashwan
Dancing Rain (IRE) Danehill Dancer (IRE) Rain Flower (IRE) Indian Ridge (GB)
Pagera (FR) Gentlewave (IRE) Panthesilea (FR) Kendor (FR)
Bayrir (FR) Medicean (GB) Balankiya (IRE) Darshaan (GB)

Country Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
GB 3 5 2 2
FR 4 1 3 2
IRE 3 5 6 2
JPN 1 1 1
AUS 1 1
NZ 1
USA 1 7


Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
Lucky Nine (IRE) Dubawi (IRE) Birjand (GB) Green Desert
Super Easy (NZ) Darci Brahma (NZ) Parfore (NZ) Gold Brose (AUS)
Joy and Fun (NZ) Cullen (AUS) Gin Player (NZ) Defensive Play
Lord Kanaloa (JPN) King Kamehameha (JPN) Lady Blossom (JPN) Storm Cat
Admiration (AUS) Encosta de Lago (AUS) Provence (AUS) Redoute's Choice (AUS)
Leading City (AUS) Shamardal Salty Sal (AUS) Salt Lake
Time After Time (AUS) Danehill Dancer (IRE) Recurring (NZ) Pentire (GB)
Captain Sweet (AUS) Fastnet Rock (AUS) Strega (AUS) Lake Coniston (IRE)
Cerise Cherry (SAF) Goldkeeper Cherry Girl (ZIM) Pochard (ARG)
Flying Blue (AUS) Piccolo (GB) Bright Blue (AUS) Scenic (IRE)
Sea Siren (AUS) Fastnet Rock (AUS) Express A Smile (AUS) Success Express
Curren Chan (JPN) Kuronfune Spring Ticket (JPN) Tony Bin (IRE)

Country Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
GB 1 1 1
IRE 1 2 3
JPN 2 1 2
AUS 6 4 5 2
NZ 2 1 3
SAF 1 3


Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
Ambitious Dragon (NZ) Pins (AUS) Golden Gamble (NZ) Oregon
Xtension (IRE) Xaar (GB) Great Joy (IRE) Grand Lodge
Glorious Days (AUS) Hussonet San Century (NZ) Centaine (AUS)
Gordon Lord Byron (IRE) Byron (GB) Boa Estrela (IRE) Intikhab
Sadamu Patek (JPN) Fuji Kiseki (JPN) Summer Night City (JPN) Helissio (FR)
Grand Prix Boss (JPN) Sakura Bakushin O (JPN) Rosy Mist (JPN) Sunday Silence
Pure Champion (IRE) Footstepinthesand (GB) Castara Beach (IRE) Danehill
Don Bosco (FR) Barathea (IRE) Perfidie (IRE) Monsun (GER)
Master of Hounds Kingmambo Silk And Scarlet (GB) Sadler's Wells
Packing Whiz (IRE) Trade Fair (GB) Swizzle (GB) Efisio (GB)
Packing OK (AUS) Reboute's Choice (AUS) Abbadena (AUS) Runyon (IRE)
Siyouma (IRE) Medicean (GB) Sichilla (IRE) Danehill

Country Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
GB 5 2 1
FR 1 1
IRE 5 1 5 1
JPN 2 2 2
AUS 2 2 1 1
NZ 1 2
USA 1 2 7


Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
Cirrus des Aigles (FR) Even Top (IRE) Taille de Guepe (FR) Septieme Ciel
California Memory Highest Honor (FR) Kalpita Spinning World
Carlton House Street Cry (IRE) Talented (GB) Bustino (GB)
Alcopop (AUS) Jeune (GB) Iota of Luck (AUS) Blevic (AUS)
Sweet Orange War Front Good Vibes Unbridled's Song
Irian (GER) Tertullian Iberi (GER) Rainbow Quest
Zaidan Street Cry (IRE) Element of Truth Atticus
Dan Excel (IRE) Shamardal Love Excelling (FR) Polish Precedent
Military Attack (IRE) Oratorio (IRE) Almaaseh (IRE) Dancing Brave
Saonois (FR) Chichicastenango (FR) Saonoise (FR) Homme De Loi (IRE)
Feuerblitz (GER) Big Shuffle Flamingo Island (GER) Acatenango (GER)
Autumn Gold (GER) Ransom O'War Aueglocke (GER) Surumu (GER)
Giofra (GB) Dansili (GB) Gracefully (IRE) Orpen

Country Runner Sire Dam Dam Sire
GB 1 2 1 1
FR 2 2 3
IRE 2 4 2 1
AUS 1 1 1
USA 4 5 3 8
GER 3 3 2


Country Runner % Sire % Dam % Dam Sire %
GB 4 8% 13 26% 6 12% 5 10%
FR 7 14% 3 6% 6 12% 3 6%
IRE 11 22% 12 24% 13 26% 7 14%
JPN 5 10% 4 8% 5 10% 0 0%
AUS 10 20% 7 14% 7 14% 4 8%
NZ 4 8% 1 2% 5 10% 0 0%
SAF 1 2% 3 6% 0 0% 0 0%
USA 5 10% 7 14% 4 8% 27 54%
ZIM 0 0% 0 0% 1 2% 0 0%
ARG 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 1 2%
GER 3 6% 0 0% 3 6% 3 6%
Total 50 50 50 50

Some of the more interesting pedigree lines that caught my eye in these fields:

  • As I had previously thought, heavy American influence on the dam sire side of the pedigree chart.
  • Acatenango (GER), an extremely important sire in Germany and the sire of Animal Kingdom's dam, Dalicia (GER), is the dam sire of HK Cup contender Feuerblitz (GER). Feuerblitz is by the American-bred Big Shuffle, a product of Bold Ruler/Native Dancer lines. Big Shuffle ran in Europe for during his career, stood at Gestut Auenquelle, Germany, and was a champion German sire in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009.
  • Sweet Orange, a scratch out of the HK Cup, has the most purely American pedigree of any horse in the four HK International races; by War Front out of an Unbridled's Song mare (Good Vibes).
  • Irian (GER) is by Tertullian, a son of Miswaki out of a Trempolino mare, and stands in Germany where he was a multiple group winner during his career. Like Big Shuffle, Tertullian is an American-bred horse that had all his success in Europe and now stands in Germany.
  • Hussonet, sire of HK Mile contender Glorious Days (AUS), ran a handful of times in New York as a juvenile and 3yo and then went to Chile where he was a champion sire seven times. He eventually ended up in Australia where he stands today.
  • HK Sprint contender Cerise Cheery (SAF) is a son of the American-bred Goldkeeper, another sire with little to no success running in the U.S. and ultimately sent to South Africa to stand at stud. I'm sensing a theme here.
  • Kurofune, sire of Sprint runner Curren Chan (JPN), is an American-bred son of French Deputy that won multiple Group stakes in Japan, where he retired to stud
  • Ransom O'War, sire of HK Cup runner Autumn Gold (GER), was a Group 1 winner in Germany.