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SB Nation Launches YouTube Channel On March 1st

SB Nation enters the world of video with the launch a new YouTube channel on Thursday, March 1st, The channel will feature a combination of featured shows (such as the Full Nelson with Amy K. Nelson), team reports and, in the months to come, additional content across the whole range of SB Nation communities. Hey, they might even include some horse racing in the future!

From the SB Nation YouTube channel description:

SB Nation: Fair and Biased Sports

Fun and face-paced insight, analysis, humor and more from the web's best collection of sports bloggers delivered in moving pictures, so you don't have to read! Watch daily videos that connect you - the fan - to our grass roots fan experts, athletes and personalities from around the sports world.

Somewhat in conjunction with SB Nation's expansion into video, I am working on developing a weekly (or semi-weekly) podcast for And Down The Stretch They Come. I've been toying with the idea of a podcast for a while but had trouble deciding on things like format and content. Assuming I am able to get the technical side running smoothly, I'm hoping to have the first episode available within the next two to three weeks.

Below is the promo for the new SB Nation YouTube channel and you can follow the link to the channel's home page to subscribe.