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Graded Stakes Divisional Standings

I'll Have Another
I'll Have Another

Now that we've got the Kentucky Derby out of the way, along with a whole host of Graded stakes action from the last couple of weeks, it's time to take a look at the updated Graded Stakes Divisional Standings. Due to all of the prep race activity over the last couple of months, both three-year-old divisions include horses that have acquired quite a few points. Conversely, the Distaff and Classic divisions aren't fully ramped up and are littered with horses that have won only a race or two this season.

Another storyline that we'll probably witness with these standings throughout the years is the back-and-forth natures of certain horses with regards to the divisions that they'll fall under. For example, a horse like Caleb's Posse will likely run in races carded at distances between seven furlongs (Dirt Sprint Division) and a mile (Dirt Mile Division). I'm just going to wait and see how that plays out over the course of the season before I make too many adjustments to the divisions. If things seem really out of line at the end of the year, I'll go a different route for 2013.

The As a refresher, you can find results and standings at the Google document linked below at any time.

Graded Stakes Results and Divisional Standings

As an additional frame of reference, below are the division classifications and the points system assigned to for each win, place and show.

Divisions Condition
Older Classic 3up, ≥9.0f
Older Distaff 3up, f&m, ≥9.0f
3YO Colts 3yo
3YO Fillies
3yo, f
Dirt Mile 3up, ≥7.5, <9.0
Dirt Mile Fillies 3up, f&m, ≥7.5, <9.0
Dirt Sprint 3up, ≤7.0f
Dirt Sprint Fillies 3up, f&m, ≤7.0f
Turf Sprint 3up, ≤7.0f
Turf Classic 3up, ≥9.0f
Turf Mile 3up, ≥7.5, <9.0
Turf Fillies 3up, f&m, ≥9.0f
Turf Mile Fillies 3up, f&m, ≥7.5, <9.0
2YO Colts 2yo
2YO Fillies 2yo, f

Race Win Place Show
Grade 1 45 35 25
Grade 2 35 25 15
Grade 3 25 15 5
Breeders' Cup 55 45 35
Speed Figure Avg. Bonus
Top 5% 15
6% to 15% 10
16% - 25% 5

The charts below include the Top 10 in each division, along with a notation of the graded stakes races the horse has won during the 2012 season. Some horses in the Top 10 haven't won a single graded stakes race but accumulated enough points from 2nd or 3rd place finishes to make their way into the standings. As I wrote above, iIt's still somewhat early in the racing season, especially with regards to turf racing outside of Florida or California, and some horses are bouncing between a couple of different divisions, like Nates Mineshaft; he's in the Top 10 for both the Older Classic Division and the Dirt Mile Division.

While there is a great deal of subjectivity as to where to "cut-off" the conditions for each division (and I'm still contemplating revising the Turf Classic conditions to races greater than or equal to 10 furlongs), the goal is to create a snap-shot of where horses stand given the races they've run in over the year.

Below are the Divisional Standings as of graded stakes completed on or before May 6th.

Older Classic
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Ron the Greek 70 G1-SA Handicap
2 Mission Impazible 60 None
3 Uh Oh Bango 50 None
4 Hymn Book 45 G1-Donn Hcp.
5 Game On Dude 35 G2-San Antonio
Alternation 35 G2-Oaklawn Hcp.
Setsuko 35 None
Caixa Electronica 35 G2-Charles Town Classic
Ultimate Eagle 35 G2-Strub
Nates Mineshaft 35 G2-New Orleans Hcp.
Older Distaff
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Plum Pretty 45 G1-Apple Blossom
Include me Out 45 G1-Santa Margarita
3 Absinthe Minded 35 None
Love ThewayYouare 35 None
5 Miss Mittagong 25 None
Awesome Maria 25 G3-Rampart
She's All In 25 G3-Sixty Sails
Tiz Me Sue 25 None
9 Distorted Love 15 None
Beloveda 15 None
3YO Colts
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 I'll Have Another 125 G1-KyDerby, G1-SA Derby, G2-Lewis
2 Secret Circle 110 G2-Rebel, G3-Southwest
3 Bodemeister 105 G1-Arkansas Derby
4 Dullahan 85 G1-Blue Grass Stakes
Creative Cause 85 G2-San Felipe
6 Hansen 75 G3-Gotham
7 Union Rags 60 G2-Fountain of Youth
Alpha 60 G3-Withers
9 Prospective 50 G2-Tampa Bay Derby
Trinniberg 50 G3-Bay Shore, G3-Swale
Mark Valeski 50 None
Daddy Nose Best 50 G3-El Camino Real, G2-Sunland Derby
3YO Fillies
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Reneesgotzip 105 G2-Santa Ynez
2 Broadway's Alibi 95 G2-Forward Gal, G3-Comely
3 Grace Hall 85 G2-GP Oaks
4 Believe You Can 80 G1-KyOaks, G2-FG Oaks
5 Willa B Awesome 70 G1-SA Oaks, G3-Santa Ysabel
Eden's Moon 70 G1-Las Virgenes
7 Sacristy 65 G3-Old Hat
8 Summer Applause 50 G3-Rachel Alexandra
Dayatthespa 50 G3-Appalachain, G3-Here Comes The Bride
10 Karlovy Vary 45 G1-Ashland
Dirt Mile
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Tapizar 50 G2-San Fernando
Fort Larned 50 G3-Skip Away
Mucho Macho Man 50 G2-GP Hcp.
4 Jackson Bend 40 G3-Hal's Hope
5 Successful Dan 35 G2-Alysheba
Shackleford 35 G2-Churchill Downs
Uh Oh Bango 35 G2-San Pascual
8 Tres Borrachos 25 None
Endorsement 25 G2-Texas Mile
Nates Mineshaft 25 G2-Mineshaft
Amazombie 25 None
To Honor and Serve 25 G3-Westchester
Alternation 25 G3-Razorback
Balladry 25 None
Tackleberry 25 None
Dirt Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Daisey Devine 45 G1-Jenny Wiley
2 Bay to Bay 35 None
It's Tricky 35 G2-Top Flight
Include me Out 35 G2-La Canada
Ellafitz 35 G2-Santa Maria
6 Love and Pride 25 None
Great Hot (BRZ) 25 None
Tiz Me Sue 25 G3-Azeri
Miss Mittagong 25 None
Tapitsfly 25 None
Pachattack 25 G3-Doubledogdare
Vision in Gold 25 None
Awesome Maria 25 G3-Sabin
Dirt Sprint
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Caleb's Posse 50 None
Amazombie 50 G2-Potero Grande
Calibrachoa 50 G3-Toboggan, G3-Tom Fool
4 Jackson Bend 45 G1-Carter Hcp.
5 Force Freeze 35 G2-GP Sprint
Morning Line 35 G2-Mervyn LeRoy Hcp.
Lonesome Street 35 G2-Commonwealth
The Factor 35 G2-San Carlos
Frumious 35 G2-Palos Verdes
Yawanna Twist 35 G2-General George
Dirt Sprint Fillies
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Groupie Doll 105 G1-Humana Distaff, G1-Vinery Madison
2 Musical Romance 70 G2-Inside Information
3 She's Cheeky 65 None
4 Magical Feeling 60 G2-Barbara Fritchie
5 Home Sweet Aspen 45 G1-Santa Monica
6 C C's Pal 40 None
7 Juanita 35 G2-La Troienne
Sugarinthemorning 35 None
It's Tricky 35 G2-Distaff Hcp.
10 Izzy Rules 25 G3-Las Flores
R Holiday Mood 25 G3-Hurricane Bertie
Roxy Gap 25 G3-Whimsical
Nicole H 25 None
St. John's River 25 None
Hot Summer 25 None
Ariana D 25 None
Turf Sprint
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Great Attack 25 G3-Turf Sprint
California Flag 25 G3-San Simeon
Perfect Officer 25 G3-Shakertown
Caracortado 25 G3-Daytona
5 Victory Pete 15 None
Bridgetown 15 None
Sayif (IRE) 15 None
Great Mills 15 None
9 Zeb 5 None
Compari 5 None
Cactus Son 5 None
Mr. Gruff 5 None
Regally Ready 5 None
Turf Classic
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Slim Shadey (GB) 95 G2-San Marcos
2 Bourbon Bay 70 G2-San Juan Capistrano, G2-San Luis Rey
3 Simmard 65 G2-Mac Diarmida
4 Newsdad 60 G2-Pan American
5 Norvsky 50 G2-San Gabriel
Papaw Bodie 50 G3-Connally Turf
Utopian 50 G3-Inglewood
8 Little Mike 45 G1-Woodford Turf
Get Stormy 45 G1-GP Turf Hcp.
10 Point of Entry 35 G2-Elkhorn
Hollinger 35 None
Casino Host 35 G2-Mervin Muniz Hcp.
Turf Mile
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Willyconker (IRE) 70 G1-Kilroe Mile
Mr. Commons 70 G2-Arcadia
3 Data Link 50 G1-Maker's 46 Mile
Doubles Partner 50 G3-Canadian Turf
5 Turallure 35 None
6 Trend 30 None
7 Corporate Jungle 25 G3-Appleton
Hudson Landing 25 G3-San Francisco Mile
Compari 25 None
Boisterous 25 G3-Fort Marcy
Silver Medallion 25 G3-Fort Lauderdale
Roman Tiger 25 G3-Tampa Bay Stakes
Mr. Vegas 25 G3-Col. Bradley
Turf Fillies
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Hit It Rich 40 G3-Orchid
2 Capital Plan 35 G2-Santa Barbara
Vamo a Galupiar (CHI) 35 G2-Santa Ana
4 Hard Seven 30 None
5 Zagora (FR) 25 G3-Hillsborough
Upperline 25 G3-Bewitch
Cambina (IRE) 25 None
Heavenly Landing 25 G3-Marshua's River
Wild Mia 25 None
Snow Top Mountain 25 G3-Suwannee River
Turf Mile Fillies
Rank Horse Total Stakes Wins
1 Tapitsfly 60 G2-Honey Fox
2 Hungry Island 35 G2-Distaff Turf Mile
Silver Max 35 G2-American Turf
Bauble Queen 35 G2-Frankel Stakes
City to City 35 G2-Buena Vista
6 Wild Mia 30 None
7 Winter Memories 25 G3-Beaugay
Quiet Oasis (IRE) 25 G3-Wilshire
Travel Advisory 25 None
Up In Time (GB) 25 None
Turning Top (IRE) 25 None
Bay to Bay 25 None
Mizdirection 25 G3-Monrovia
Zagora (FR) 25 G3-Endeavour