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2012 Kentucky Derby Post Position Draw

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Churchill Downs in 1901. Wikimedia Commons
Churchill Downs in 1901. Wikimedia Commons

Today's post position draw for the 2012 Kentucky Derby is scheduled to begin around 5:00 Eastern time and will be televised live on the NBC SportsNetwork. If you can't watch the draw live, I'll have post-by-post calls in the comments and will update the chart below at the conclusion of the program.

A few thoughts as we prepare for the draw:

  • I've written about this in the last few days but I think it bears repeating: I think Hansen will have a much better chance at running a big race if he draws a post of #10 or higher. Heck, just to be safe, something in the 15+ would be great. If they want him to settle, he probably needs to draw outside of the majority of the field.
  • The 1-hole has been a bad place to be the last few years; Lookin At Lucky had his Derby end before it began, and Archarcharch had an injury-filled trip in 2011. I suppose, if a horse like Trinniberg grabs the rail it won't be that bad of an issue, as he's likely to be quickest from the gate and gunning it to the lead anyway.
  • Bodemeister, like Hansen, would probably fair best with a post in the 10+ range since that tends to give the jock a lot more options in the first quarter mile.

I'll be back later this afternoon for all the pre-draw hype.