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The Road To The 2012 Breeders' Cup: An Initial Look Towards The Fall

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There were a lot of decent Maiden Special Weight races scheduled for the lawn today at Saratoga... then it rained hard, almost everything was taken off the turf and a scratch epidemic took place. (By the way, I love when tracks have a lot of races on the turf course during a card but it's also a dangerous propositions because if a drop of rain falls, the races get moved and the scratches come rolling in. It's really a Catch-22.)

So, seeing that I am not going to focus on Saratoga much today I decided to dive into the upcoming stakes calendar with an eye towards the Breeders' Cup in early November. We are a little less than three months from the Breeders' Cup which means we are looking at one or two more starts for many of the top contenders, with possibly some horses getting three races under their belt in that time.

We are also heading into the final part of the European flat season and the run-up to the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and British Champions Day in October. Those event will likely include horses that will make the trip across the Atlantic (and the North American continent) for a shot at the Breeders' Cup turf events.

With that in mind, let's first take a look at the stakes calendar over the next three months, with an eye towards some of the key events in each of Breeders' Cup division and the international events.


Despite the fact that the Classic run at 10 furlongs, there are only four major stakes races prior to the Classic run at that distance. I almost think the term "Classic" distance is becoming a little outdated, or at least slightly deceiving since very few races are actually run at that distance during the season. Anyway, leading up to the Breeders' Cup there are four races at 10 furlongs: Travers (8/25), Pacific Classic (8/26), Jockey Club Gold Cup (9/29) and Hawthorne Gold Cup (10/6). After that, we're looking at an assortment of races at nine furlongs (which will contain a lot of Dirt Mile contenders, as well) and races still restricted to three-year-olds.

The Awesome Again is the new name for the old Goodwood at Oak Tree.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
25-Aug SAR G1-Travers 3yo 10.0 Classic
26-Aug DMR G1-Pacific Classic 3up 10.0 Classic
1-Sep SAR G1-Woodward 3up 9.0 Classic
1-Sep AP G3-Washington Park Hcp. 3up 9.0 Classic
8-Sep LaD G2-Super Derby 3yo 9.0 Classic
22-Sep PRX G2-Pennsylvania Derby 3yo 9.0 Classic
29-Sep SA G1-Awesome Again 3up 9.0 Classic
29-Sep BEL G1-Jockey Club Gold Cup 3up 10.0 Classic
30-Sep RP Oklahoma Derby 3yo 9.0 Classic
6-Oct HAW G2-Hawthorne Gold Cup 3up 10.0 Classic
6-Oct HOO G2-Indiana Derby 3yo 8.5 Classic (or Dirt Mile)
27-Oct KEE G2-Fayette 3up 9.0 Classic

DIVISION: Ladies' Classic

With the Ladies' Classic at Santa Anita this year, the Zenyatta (9/29) will be a key race in determining how top contenders will handle the generally fast track in Arcadia. The Alabama is a little bit of an anomally with it's 10 furlongs distance, a full furlong longer than the Ladies' Classic. The Beldame (9/29) is usually the key race for east coast contenders and should be again this year.

The Spinster at Keeneland will once again provide us with somewhat of a head scratcher; if a filly or mare with a history of turf/synthetic form wins that race, it could be a throw out. If a horse that's proven on dirt were to prevail, we might be able to put a lot more weight behind it.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
11-Aug ELP G3-Gardenia 3up, f&m 8.0 Ladies' Classic
11-Aug MTH G3-Monmouth Oaks 3yo, f 8.5 Ladies' Classic
18-Aug SAR G1-Alabama 3yo, f 10.0 Ladies' Classic
26-Aug SAR G1-Personal Ensign 3up, f&m 9.0 Ladies' Classic
22-Sep PRX G1-Cotillion 3yo, f 8.5 Ladies' Classic
29-Sep BEL G1-Beldame 3up, f&m 9.0 Ladies' Classic
29-Sep SA G1-Zenyatta 3up, f&m 8.5 Ladies' Classic
6-Oct HOO G2-Indiana Oaks 3yo, f 8.5 Ladies' Classic
7-Oct KEE G1-Spinster 3up, f&m 9.0 Ladies' Classic
27-Oct BEL G3-Turnback the Alarm 3up, f&m 8.5 Ladies' Classic


The addition of the Dirt Mile has, in my opinion, really thrown a wrench into the prep races for the Sprint Division. With a Breeders' Cup race at eight furlongs and one at six furlongs, and several prep races at seven panels, we've got a whole mess of horses mixing and matching as we move towards November. A perfect example of this issue is Shackleford, a horse that TFTribe and I discussed during the podcast earlier this week. I'll discuss Shack a little more in the section below (Dirt Mile), but there is a lot of cross-over between the two divisions due to the presence of several seven furlongs stakes events around the country.

If history is any judge, the Vosburgh and the Santa Anita Sprint Championship will be the key races to watch heading into the Breeders' Cup. The Phoenix at Keeneland, again, will require us to look heavily at the dirt form of the winner before we declare that horse a major contenders. The same goes for the Pat O'Brien over the Del Mar poly.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
25-Aug SAR G1-King's Bishop 3up 7.0 Sprint (or Dirt Mile)
26-Aug DMR G2-Pat O'Brien 3up 7.0 Sprint (or Dirt Mile)
1-Sep SAR G1-Forego 3up 7.0 Sprint (or Dirt Mile)
29-Sep BEL G1-Vosburgh 3up 6.0 Sprint
3-Oct KEE G3-Phoenix 3up 6.0 Sprint
6-Oct SA G1-SA Sprint Championship 3up 6.0 Sprint

DIVISION: Filly & Mare Sprint

Key prep races in this division are generally the Test and the Gallant Bloom at Belmont, and the TCOA at Keeneland. The Filly & Mare Sprint, with a seven furlong distance (as opposed to the six furlongs of the male counterpart), can be a bit of a tricky division. That seven furlong distance isn't a true "traditional" sprint trip, meaning with again can see a bit of a mix-and-match between sprinters and milers. As a result, we should also keep an eye on some of the Ladies' Classic preps like the Cotillion, Zenyatta or Indiana Oaks where a horse might take a cut in distance to the F&M Sprint.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
19-Aug DMR G3-Rancho Bernardo 3up, f&m 6.5 F&M Sprint
24-Aug SAR G1-Ballarina 3up, f&m 7.0 F&M Sprint
25-Aug SAR G1-Test 3yo, f 7.0 F&M Sprint
8-Sep PID G2-PID Masters 3up, f&m 6.5 F&M Sprint
22-Sep CT Charles Town Oaks 3yo, f 7.0 F&M Sprint
22-Sep BEL G2-Gallant Bloom 3up, f&m 6.5 F&M Sprint
6-Oct KEE G2-TCOA 3up, f&m 6.0 F&M Sprint
20-Oct KEE G2-Ravens Run 3yo, f 7.0 F&M Sprint
27-Oct BEL G3-Bold Ruler 3up, f&m 7.0 F&M Sprint

DIVISION: Filly & Mare Turf

There are a lot of races over the next two months that can be considered preps for the F&M Turf, beginning with next week's Beverly D. at Arlington Park on the Million undercard. The Flower Bowl at Belmont and the Rodeo Drive at Santa Anita are prime preps at the F&M Turf distance of 10 furlongs, while the top international contenders could exit the Prix de l'Opera on Arc weekend in France.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
12-Aug DMR G2-John C. Mabee 3up, f&m 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
18-Aug AP G1-Beverly D. 3up, f&m 9.5 (T) F&M Turf
18-Aug DMR G1-Del Mar Oaks 3yo, f 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
19-Aug SAR G2-Lake Placid 3yo, f 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
25-Aug SAR G2-Ballston Spa 3up, f&m 8.5 (T) F&M Turf
3-Sep DMR G2-Yellow Ribbon 3up, f&m 8.5 (T) F&M Turf
3-Sep SAR G3-Glens Falls 3up, f&m 11.0 (T) F&M Turf
15-Sep BEL G1-Garden City 3yo, f 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
15-Sep BEL G3-Noble Damsel 3up, f&m 8.0 (T) F&M Turf
15-Sep AP G3-Pucker Up 3yo, f 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
16-Sep WO G2-Canadian 3up, f&m 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
29-Sep BEL G1-Flower Bowl 3up, f&m 10.0 (T) F&M Turf
29-Sep SA G1-Rodeo Drive 3up, f&m 10.0 (T) F&M Turf
13-Oct KEE G1-QE II Challenge Cup 3yo, f 9.0 (T) F&M Turf
13-Oct BEL G3-Athenia 3up, f&m 8.5 (T) F&M Turf


As good of a race as the Dirt Mile has turned out to be since it was introduced to the Breeders' Cup several years ago, doesn't have much of a "traditional" path or prep race. The event has typically featured sprinters stretch out, or horses that are just off the edge of being legit Classic contenders. Additionally, as I wrote above, there are several big stakes at seven furlongs which muddies the waters between sprinters and milers, especially for a horse like Shackleford.

Shackleford ran in the six furlong Vanderbilt in his last start and will (likely) go in the seven furlong King's Bishop and then... well, who knows? He could go to the Vosburgh at six furlongs (which I think would be an utterly ridiculous spot for him if they plan on going in the Dirt Mile), or they could try something like the Presque Isle Mile on 9/7 or possibly head out to California and jump into a race like the Awesome Again in order to cut back for the Dirt Mile? The choices really aren't that clear as there aren't a lot of graded stakes at a mile this time of the year for him to run in.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
18-Aug MTH G3-Iselin 3up 9.0 Dirt Mile
19-Aug EMD G3-Longacres Mile 3up 8.0 Dirt Mile
3-Sep PRX G3-Smarty Jones 3yo 8.3 Dirt Mile
7-Sep PID Presque Isle Mile 3up 8.0 Dirt Mile
13-Oct CRC G3-Spend A Buck 3up 8.5 Dirt Mile

DIVISION: Turf Sprint

Just a quick note on this division: with this race being run at 6 1/2 furlongs on the downhill course, I am not paying a lot of attention to the traditional five furlong turf sprints. The G3-Eddie D. at Santa Anita (9/28) is the key prep.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
3-Sep PRX G3-Turf Monster 3up 5.0 (T) Turf Sprint
8-Sep HAY G1-Sprint Cup 3up 6.0 (T) Turf Sprint
28-Sep SA G3-Eddie D. 3up 6.5 (T) Turf Sprint
6-Oct KEE G3-Woodford 3up 5.5 (T) Turf Sprint


While there aren't a ton of graded stakes races on the dirt at one mile, there are plenty on the lawn, as well as many similar races in Europe that will provide major Breeders' Cup contenders.

The Shadwell Turf Mile at Keeneland, the Arroya Seco Mile at Santa Anita and the Woodbine Mile are three of the key North American prep races for this division. Any group winner coming over from Europe will likely be a major player and (likely) happy just to get away from Frankel (GB).

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
11-Aug SAR G2-Fourstardave 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
11-Aug DMR G2-La Jolla 3yo 8.5 (T) Turf Mile
26-Aug DMR G2-Del Mar Mile 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
1-Sep SAR G2-Bernard Baruch 3up 8.5 (T) Turf Mile
1-Sep MTH G3-Cliff Hanger 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
2-Sep DMR G2-Del Mar Derby 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
2-Sep SAR G3-Saranac 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
16-Sep WO G1-Woodbine Mile 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
16-Sep WO G3-Ontario Derby 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
22-Sep DEL G3-Kent 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
6-Oct BEL G1-Jamaica 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
6-Oct KEE G1-First Lady 3up, f&m 8.0 (T) Turf Mile (or F&M Turf)
6-Oct KEE G1-Shadwell Turf Mile 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
6-Oct SA G2-Arroya Seco Mile 3up 8.0 (T) Turf Mile
13-Oct HAW G3-Hawthorne Derby 3yo 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
13-Oct BEL G3-Knickerbocker 3up 9.0 (T) Turf Mile
19-Oct KEE G3-Valley View 3yo, f 8.5 (T) Turf Mile (or F&M Turf)


I really feel that this division has suffered greatly in the past few years and could really use an increase in the purse from it's current $3 million level in order to draw in some additional international contenders. Last years' winner, St Nicholas Abbey (IRE) was a pretty good winner, but the field was fairly small and the depth of this race just hasn't been present for quite some time. Additionally, the North American contingent of turf horses has really lack top class and have struggled mightily against shippers like Dangerous Midge, a borderline Group horse in Europe. That being said, there are a ton of really great stakes races on the turf over the next couple of months, highlighted by the Arlington Million, the Del Mar Handicap, Bowling Green and the Sword Dancer. In fact, in a somewhat odds twist, there are more prep races at the Turf distance of 12 furlongs than there are prep races at the Classic distance of 10 furlongs. To me, that's a bit strange.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
18-Aug AP American St. Leger 3up 13.5 (T) Turf
18-Aug AP G1-Secretariat 3yo 10.0 (T) Turf
18-Aug SAR G1-Sword Dancer 3up 12.0 (T) Turf
25-Aug DMR G2-Del Mar Hcp. 3up 11.0 (T) Turf
8-Sep BEL G2-Bowling Green 3up 10.0 (T) Turf
15-Sep KD G3-Kentucky Cup Turf 3up 12.0 (T) Turf
16-Sep WO G1-Northern Dancer 3up 12.0 (T) Turf
29-Sep BEL G1-Hirsch Turf Classic 3up 12.0 (T) Turf
30-Sep SA G2-John Henry Turf 3up 10.0 (T) Turf
18-Oct KEE G3-Sycamore 3up 12.0 (T) Turf
18-Aug AP G1-Arlington Million 3up 10.0 (T) Turf

DIVISION: Juvenile/Juvenile Turf/Juvenile Sprint

I'm throwing these three races together because, really, there is a lot of potential cross-over between these divisions. Many of the juvenile stakes races are at distances of six or seven furlongs, or are on synthetic surfaces, etc., etc. The Champagne at Belmont is generally a top prep for the Juvenile, while the Juvenile Turf generally draws from a collection of G2/G3/Ungraded events. The Summer Stakes at Woodbine tends to feature many of the top juvenile turf horses and the Pilgrim at Belmont is potentially a key race to watch.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
25-Aug CRC Fasig-Tipton Turf Dash 2yo 5.0 (T) Juve. Sprint/Juve. Turf
2-Sep MTH G3-Sapling 2yo 6.0 Juve./Juve. Sprint
3-Sep SAR G2-Hopeful 2yo 7.0 Juve./Juve. Sprint
5-Sep DMR G1-Del Mar Futurity 2yo 7.0 Juve./Juve. Sprint
30-Sep BEL G2-Futurity 2yo 6.0 Juvenile Sprint
6-Oct SA Tim Conway 2yo 6.0 Juvenile Sprint
12-Aug SAR G2-Saratoga Special 2yo, f 6.5 Juvenile
8-Sep AP G3-AW Futurity 2yo 8.0 Juvenile
29-Sep SA G1-Frontrunner 2yo 8.5 Juvenile
6-Oct KEE G1-Breeders' Futurity 2yo 8.5 Juvenile
6-Oct BEL G1-Champagne 2yo 8.0 Juvenile
25-Aug CUR G2-Futurity 2yo 7.0 (T) Juvenile Turf
5-Sep DMR Oak Tree Juvenile Turf 2yo 8.0 (T) Juvenile Turf
8-Sep LaD Sunday Silence 2yo 8.0 (T) Juvenile Turf
15-Sep WO G2-Summer Stakes 2yo 8.0 (T) Juvenile Turf
15-Sep KD Kentucky Downs Juvenile 2yo 7.0 (T) Juvenile Turf
7-Oct BEL G3-Pilgrim 2yo 8.5 (T) Juvenile Turf

DIVISION: Juvenile Fillies/Juvenile Fillies Turf

The same philosophy from the males applies to the juvenile females: there is a lot of crossover to consider, as well as international contenders, when looking at the both the Juvenile Fillies and the Juvenile Fillies Turf. The Matron and the Firzette at Belmont are generally key races for juvenile fillies on the East Coast, while the Alcibiades and Arlington-Washington Lassie provide more synthetic questions and possible contenders on both surfaces.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
12-Aug SAR G2-Adirondack 2yo, f 6.5 Juvenile Fillies
2-Sep SAR G1-Spinaway 2yo, f 7.0 Juvenile Fillies
8-Sep AP G3-AW Lassie 2yo, f 8.0 Juvenile Fillies
29-Sep SA G1-Chandelier 2yo, f 8.5 Juvenile Fillies
30-Sep BEL G2-Matron 2yo, f 6.0 Juvenile Fillies
3-Oct KEE G1-Alcibiades 2yo, f 8.5 Juvenile Fillies
6-Oct BEL G1-Frizette 2yo, f 8.0 Juvenile Fillies
3-Sep DMR Oak Tree Juvenile Fillies Turf 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf
8-Sep LaD Happy Ticket 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf
15-Sep WO G2-Natalma 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf
15-Sep KD Kentucky Downs Juvenile Fillies 2yo, f 7.0 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf
7-Oct BEL G3-Miss Grillo 2yo, f 8.5 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf
11-Oct KEE G3-Jessamine 2yo, f 8.5 (T) Juvenile Fillies Turf

DIVISION: Marathon

There aren't any true "prep" races for the Marathon, aside from the Greenwood Cup at Parx that took place a couple of months ago. Instead, we should probably focus on Classic horses that want more ground, turf horses that try to transfer their form to the main track, and Europeans, especially ones that may have had some success on synthetic (or "standard") tracks in England and France at longer distances.

International Racing

The key dates to keep in mind for top class international events (especially in Europe) are October 6th/7th and October 20th. The weekend of October 6th/7th is Arc weekend at Longchamp in France. Saturday features four Group 2 races, while Saturday has a card of seven Group 1s, including the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at a mile and a half. Two weeks later at Ascot (October 20th), is British Champions Day with two Group 1s lead by the Champions Stakes at ten furlongs, likely to be the final race in the career of Frankel (GB).

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
6-Oct LCH G2-Prix Chaudenay 3yo 15.0 (T) Arc Weekend
6-Oct LCH G2-Prix de Royallieu 3up, f&m 12.5 (T) Arc Weekend
6-Oct LCH G2-Prix Dollar 3up 9.5 (T) Arc Weekend
6-Oct LCH Prix Daniel Wildenstein 3up 8.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix de la Foret 3up 7.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp 2up 5.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 3up 12.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix de l'Opera 3up, f&m 10.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix du Cadran 4up 20.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere 2yo 7.0 (T) Arc Weekend
7-Oct LCH G1-Prix Marcel Boussac 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Arc Weekend

20-Oct ASC G1-Brithish Champions Stakes 3up 10.0 (T) British Champions Day
20-Oct ASC G1-Queen Elizabeth II Stakes 3up 8.0 (T) British Champions Day
20-Oct ASC G2-British Champions F&M Stakes 3up, f&m 12.0 (T) British Champions Day
20-Oct ASC G2-British Champions Sprint Stakes 3up 6.0 (T) British Champions Day
20-Oct ASC G3-British Champions Long Distance Cup 3up 16.0 (T) British Champions Day

Prior to those two key weekends, there are a lot of high-level group races occurring throughout Europe. Pay attention to the juvenile races since, for the first time in 2012, the Breeders' Cup juvenile races will not allow horses to run on the anti-bleeding medication Lasix. That could be a major handicapping factor for the juvenile turf races since in Europe, none of the countries allow Lasix on race-day.

Date Track Race Age/Sex Dist/Surf Division
22-Aug YORK G1-Juddmonte International 3up 10.5 (T) Intl/England
23-Aug YORK G1-Yorkshire Oaks 3up, f&m 12.0 (T) Intl/England
24-Aug YORK G1-Nunthorpe 2up 5.0 (T) Intl/England
24-Aug YORK G2-Gimcrack 2yo, c&g 6.0 (T) Intl/England
24-Aug YORK G3-Stensall 3up 9.0 (T) Intl/England
15-Sep DON G1-St. Leger 3yo, c&f 14.5 (T) Intl/England
15-Sep DON G2-Champagne Stakes 2yo, c&g 7.0 (T) Intl/England
16-Sep DOR G3-Deutsches St. Leger 3up 14.0 (T) Intl/England
28-Sep NEW G1-Fillies' Mile 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Intl/England
28-Sep NEW G2-Joel Stakes 3up 8.0 (T) Intl/England
28-Sep NEW G3-So Sharp 2yo, f 7.0 (T) Intl/England
29-Sep NEW G1-Cheveley Park 2yo, f 6.0 (T) Intl/England
29-Sep NEW G1-Sun Chariot 3up, f&m 8.0 (T) Intl/England
29-Sep NEW G2-Royal Lodge 2yo, c&g 8.0 (T) Intl/England
18-Aug DEA G3-Prix du Calvados-Haras 2yo, f 7.0 (T) Intl/France
19-Aug DEA G1-Prix Jean Romanent 4up, f&m 10.0 (T) Intl/France
19-Aug DEA G1-Prix Morny 2yo 6.0 (T) Intl/France
19-Aug DEA G2-Prix Kergorlay 3up 15.0 (T) Intl/France
21-Aug DEA Prix de La Nonette 3yo, f 10.0 (T) Intl/France
26-Aug DEA G2-Grand Prix de Deauville 3up 12.5 (T) Intl/France
9-Sep LCH G3-Prix du Pin 3up 7.0 (T) Intl/France
9-Sep LCH G3-Prix la Rochette 2yo 7.0 (T) Intl/France
11-Sep LCH G3-Prix d'Arenberg 2yo 5.5 (T) Intl/France
11-Sep LCH G3-Prix d'Aumale 2yo, f 8.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G1-Prix du Moulin de Longchamp 3up 8.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G1-Prix Vermeille 3up, f&m 12.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G2-Prix Foy 4up 12.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G2-Prix Niel 3yo 12.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G3-Prix du Petit Couvert 3up 5.0 (T) Intl/France
16-Sep LCH G3-Prix Gladiateur 4up 15.5 (T) Intl/France
21-Sep ML G3-La Coupe de Maisons-Laffitte 3up 10.0 (T) Intl/France
22-Sep LCH G2-Prix du Prince d'Orange 3yo 10.0 (T) Intl/France
22-Sep LCH G3-Prix des Chenes 2yo, c&g 8.0 (T) Intl/France
11-Oct STC G3-Prix Thomas Byron 3yo 8.0 (T) Intl/France
29-Aug BAD G3-Zukunfts-Rennen 2yo 7.0 (T) Intl/Germany
30-Aug BAD G2-Oettingen-Rennen 3up 8.0 (T) Intl/Germany
23-Sep KOL G1-Preis von Europa 3up 12.0 (T) Intl/Germany
8-Sep LEO G1-Irish Champion 3up 10.0 (T) Intl/Ireland
8-Sep LEO G1-Matron 3up, f&m 8.0 (T) Intl/Ireland
15-Sep CUR G1-Irish St. Leger 3up 14.0 (T) Intl/Ireland
15-Sep CUR G1-National Stakes 2yo, c&f 7.0 (T) Intl/Ireland