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Richard Dutrow Suspension: New York Ban Begins

Richard Dutrow's 10-year ban from racing in New York begins on Thursday, Jan. 17.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Contrary to their statements late last week, lawyers for trainer Richard Dutrow did not file an appeal in federal court, nor did they ask for a stay of the New York State Racing and Wagering Board decision to ban him for 10 years following numerous violations and suspensions. As a result, Richard Dutrow's ban took effect this morning, Thursday, Jan. 17.

According to a report in the Daily Racing Form, Dutrow intends to keep fighting his suspension but it is unclear what avenues he and his legal team will pursue in the future. From the article:

Dutrow claims to have new evidence that he believes will help him achieve his injunction and/or a stay if he is able to present it before a judge. Neither Dutrow nor his attorney Elman would elaborate on the evidence.

“We thought we were going to get it in, but we’re dead so now we have to find another way to get it in, and we will,” Dutrow said.

It should be noted that at no time during this entire process (a time frame that covers well over a year) has Dutrow claimed innocence in the original violations. Instead, his defense has claimed that the process was biased against him and there were significant conflicts of interest. This argument was rejected at every stage of the case.