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Sunday Santa Anita Mythical Handicapping Contest

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Yesterday, a pro handicapper named Jim Benes took home the DRF/NTRA 14th Annual National Handicapping Contest. So what if we weren't in that room. We can still hone our skills!

Jeff Gross



Jim Benes, a professional handicapper from Countryside, Illinois, got $3.60 on a place payment from first-time starter Hidethegoodstuff, a favorite I successfully tried to beat yesterday, but that small amount was enough to enable Benes to win $750,000 and become the reigning NHC champ. No one else who has won the prize did better than 78th. Hey, it is a hard game. We know that.

Anyhow, I have won two seats into the Orleans World Series coming in February and to that end, I am practicing my approach. Please feel free to join me. Rules are the standard bullet contest: mythical $2 Win and Place wagers on a single horse per race. Keep your own score and total. Two entries max. Caps are 20-1 for win and 10-1 for place, and the contest card consists of every race at Santa Anita.

Let's have some fun, and good luck!