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The Rainbow Six: A Great Idea

An amazing idea from the Horseplayers Association of North America

Alan Crowhurst

As much as I don't think the Rainbow Six is a good bet, if used as a marketing/promotional tool it really could net some great exposure for the sport. That being said, the idea here really is a great one:

I may have a grand idea for the Rainbow Six.

Gulfstream races three days in April, with a closing day of Friday, April 5 which just happens to be Opening Day at Keeneland. The last Sunday in March is Easter Sunday and I am fairly certain that New York will not be able to wager on Gulfstream on March 31. This has always been a concern for Gulfstream management and they have changed their mandatory payout day in the past.

Which brings us to Saturday, March 30. The schedule for the day includes...

The Florida Derby Stakes

The Gulfstream Oaks Stakes

The Skip Away Stakes

The Rampart Stakes

The Appleton Stakes

The Orchid Stakes

The Sir Shackelton Stakes

Lets look into the future because that is what horseplayers do. There are 27 racing days until The Florida Derby. In the event that nobody takes down the jackpot in those 27 days, we are looking at a carryover in the vicinity of $7,000,000. Amazing at this may seem, that is not the best part.

NBC Sports starts their 2013 Road to the Derby on that day with the national telecast of The Florida Derby. If you can get thru these next 27 days without a unique ticket, and Gulfstream can make the decision to have a mandatory payout on Florida Derby Day, you are looking at a total Rainbow Six pool of $20,000,000 that you can bet for ten cents. You can bet what every horseplayer in the country will be doing that day.

In conclusion, this is the type of event that could jump start the Road To The Kentucky Derby and the entire thoroughbred industry and create something unforgettable.

$20,000,000 pool on a ten cent bet.
National TV.
The Florida Derby.

This horse can't miss.

I'm on board, the key being here that Gulfstream has previously changed their mandatory payout date

While I still don't think the bet is a great idea, nor do I think it'll survive in the long term at Gulfstream, it really does need to be milked for everything it's worth right now.. Especially if some brand new handicapper hits for a big 10 cent score that day and it gets all kinds of press. The money in the pool would actually serve a greater good.

But it's ok, when I win it with a stone cold 10 cent ticket, I'll get everyone a t-shirt.