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Dutrow Files Federal Lawsuit

Dutrow is suing the the New York Gaming Commission claiming he was denied due process.

This guy.
This guy.

From the New York Daily News:

Currently serving a 10-year suspension, the controversial 53-year-old trainer has taken his case to federal court, where he is suing the New York State Gaming Commission — the former State Racing and Wagering Board — John Sabini, the former chairman of the RWB, the Association of Racing Commissioners International and several others, claiming to have suffered irreparable harm and economic damages in the loss of his career, reputation and livelihood.


The suit states that Sabini "acted in concert with certain officers and members of ARCI to ensure Dutrow's training license would be revoked, and in doing so, deprived Dutrow of due process under the law, and engaged in wrongful and malicious actions against him."

I'm not lawyer, so I can't really comment on the validity of it all. It seems Matt has a much better grasp on this stuff.