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Kentucky Derby 2013: America's Best Racing Sweepstakes

Revelry or Refined?

This is not "Refined".
This is not "Refined".
Rob Carr

America's Best Racing is presenting the America's Best Kentucky Derby Sweepstakes, a contest that let's you choose your Derby party: "Revelry" or "Refined". The contest is free to enter and each contestant chooses one of two Derby parties in which to drop their name into the hat with one lucky fan winning either the "Revelry" party or the "Refined" party. Depending on your personal tastes, the choice is a difficult one:

In the "Revelry" party, the winner will spend Derby Day in the infield, receive a $5,000 betting voucher (yeah, baby), along with food, motel, van ride to Churchill Downs, t-shirts, and fanny packs (I assume those are large enough to store cans of beer). The winner can bring three fiends to the Revelry party.

On the "Refined" side of things, the winner enjoys the Derby from the swanky confines of Millionaire's Row, along with a $1,000 betting voucher, hotel, limo transportation to Churchill Downs, fine dining AND appropriate Derby Day attire. The winner of the "Refined" party will also be able to bring along three friends.

I got to be honest, that's a tough choice for me. On the one hand, Millionaire's Row is awesome (I was lucky enough to spend the day there for the 2010 Breeders' Cup of Zenyatta/Blame fame); you can't go wrong with a fantastic view and living it up with the blue-bloods. Plus, the wagering lines are so quick and painless.

On the other hand, a $5,000 betting voucher? The degenerate gambler in me says, "Yes, please!".

Registration for the America's Best Kentucky Derby Sweepstakes began on Thursday, March 14 and ends on Monday, April 14 -- so there is still plenty of time to decide whether you want "Revelry" or "Refined". You can enter via the link below:

Revelry or Refined - America's Best Kentucky Derby Sweepstakes