Who will Win the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

OK And Down The Stretch They Come followers. The draw has been completed and the morning line odds have been made (with a few quirky prices, if you ask me). Now the fun begins.

Print off the PP's, sharpen the pencils, pour your drink of choice, and let the handicapping begin!

Matt, JP, Swale and Siva have been hard at work providing the inside information, trends and angles to set the stage for some good discussion. There's a lot of new race fans adding new perspectives and, in my opinion, ADTSTC is the best forum for talking thoroughbred racing.

I'm relatively new to the sport, have been lucky to cash a few tickets, and am looking forward to a fun Derby weekend. While I might not offer the handicapping insight of the real players, I like to contribute with polls, links to free PP's and the such.

I'm providing the poll here with an ulterior motive - I'm going to take the top five selections for a Derby Super Hi-5 ticket.

For what it's worth, I've been hot on Normandy Invasion for the prep season, I've got him in some Exacta boxes in the futures pool, he's been working great at CD, and so that's my pick. Good luck.

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