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Breeders Cup Day 2 Open Thread

ADTSTC is in Schroedinger's Cat mode right now since it's not dead or alive at the moment. Let's bring it back to life for Breeders' Cup Day 2 at Santa Anita, shall we?

One more Breeders' Cup Day 2 Thread for old time's sake, because why not?

Yesterday had all the favorites win.  Here's hoping today fares better for most of us.

If you want to post your top picks for races as the day goes on, write about that.  If you want to discuss the endless string of college football games today, go that route.  If you want to talk about the much-needed meet-up at a track sometime in 2015, we can talk about that too.  Or bourbon since this site might not be up come time for April/May.  Or none of the above; I'm good no matter the discussion.

May all the tickets cash, may all the photos go our way, and may our picks not be as chaotic as the idea of a turf sprint is in Matt's mind.