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Thursday Thoughts

"And now back to our regularly scheduled program..."

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

So, anything exciting happening in the sporting world the past week? As you may have noticed, there was kind of a large football game that occurred last Sunday in which one of the teams was from my hometown. It was just a little bit of a big deal out here, especially when you consider that it's been about three and a half decades since one of our professional sports teams actually won anything of note.

I tried to keep my mind off of the big game by printing out a few forms last week but I found it was pretty futile to attempt any meaningful handicapping with the tension of the entire city at an all-time high. I attempted to write some posts and, yeah, it wasn't happening. So I guess I'll consider the last couple of weeks a Super Bowl vacation. I'm guessing worker productivity among football fans in the Pacific Northwest was at an all-time low the past two weeks.

Annnyway, the football frenzy is firmly in the corner and it's time to get ready for some excellent horse racing action in the coming weeks and months. The Donn Handicap, featuring Will Take Charge, is on Sunday, along with Groupie Doll's swan song in the Hurricane Bertie, and a personal favorite race of mine, the Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap.

Additionally, Sunday is the beginning of the "Jockey Club Tour on FOX" which are a series of nationally televised races (in HD!!!!) on Fox Sports 1 this year.

Entries for the Donn and the rest of Sunday's Gulfstream card will be drawn today; I'll have a preview of the Jockey Club Tour on FOX all the action in south Florida later on this evening.

Not to be left behind, the G2-Robert Lewis runs on Saturday at Santa Anita, along with Game On Dude's return in the G2-San Antonio, and a a jam-packed field of turf routers in the G2-San Marcos.

Football's over. Matt's brain is refocused on horses. Let's go!