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2014 Belmont Stakes: Fanshawe's Betmix Belmont Pick

Here is a brief film that shows how I have been using the Historical Race Database in the Betmix software to come up with algorithims that point toward future winners. Does the "Graded Stakes Dirt Routes at Belmont" mix think California Chrome will bring home the Triple Crown? Watch and see...

Streeter Lecka

A little while back I interviewed the creator of Betmix, Dave Williams, and I have used his handicapping software ever since.  I have not completely abandoned the BRIS form.  I don't think I ever could, but Mr. Williams has added some incredibly powerful elements to his software in the last couple of months, the kind of stuff that hasn't been in the province of the average player before.  Chief among those elements is a historical database that has the results of every race at most tracks in it dating back to 2012.  Why is this important?  Because it allows you to test mixes you to make mixes for specific races, and then test them against history in order to hone them to point toward more winners.

Here is a video I made looking at Graded Stake Dirt Routes at Belmont to show you what I mean.  Forgive the low-quality, but it was the best I could manage in a hotel room with an average camera and low bandwidth.