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Happy Trails

Tom Dulat

I published a post a couple of months ago about my absence from the blog for extended periods of time. As I noted at that time, I’ve found it harder and harder to consistently write for the site as non-site priorities (the real world) continued to reduce the amount of time available to devote here. My goal at the time, and my sincere belief, was that I would be able to find that rhythm again in order to produce the kind of consistent content required to maintain the site as I had in the past. That’s proven to not be the case. As a result…

This is my final post for And Down The Stretch They Come and the final post for this site overall.

ADTSTC started back in January of 2010 as the first and only horse racing blog on this network. We started from nothing and slowly built up the site over the last (almost) five years to something I’ve been quite proud of. It’s been a blank canvas write and discuss horse racing and, really, to build a fun community of fans. While this is one of the smaller sites on the network, I’ve always felt that it was "just about right."

I want to thank any and all individuals that have contributed to the site over the years, whether you commented, wrote fan posts/fan shots, or simply read from afar.

I want to specifically thank JP, Tribe, and Siva – each of whom has provided some great content the last few years. Also thanks to Jared and Zach who also contributed in the past.

I won’t be completely gone from SB Nation as I’ll be contributing to the site during Triple Crown seasons in the future. But beyond that, this is farewell for ADTSTC.

It’s been a blast interacting with the readers on this site and I wish all of you good luck in all of your endeavors but especially at the windows.