Horse Racing Sports Betting Strategies – How to Give Yourself a Chance at Winning

A lot goes into placing an intelligent bet on horse racing. Because of this, it helps to use sports betting tips to give yourself a better chance of winning. First, what do we know about horse race betting? Find out Below:

Horse Racing - Is it the First Sport to be Wagered?

If we go back into sports betting history, there might be an argument about which sport fielded the first bet ever. Some might choose baseball, which began in the early eighteen hundreds, or football, which followed shortly afterwards. However, it is almost certain that horse racing or maybe even chariot racing was where it all began.

Horses have been a part of humankind for hundreds and hundreds of years, and wagering on their speed has been around almost as long. Today's trip to the racetrack like the Kentucky derby contenders is not substantially different than it was one hundred years ago, with fans lining up at betting windows for fun and hopefully profit.

Some Horse Race Betting Terms

Sports betting on horse racing has several unique terms not found in any other sports. You may have heard the term 'win, place, or show' before, and while the first one (win) is easy, let's go over the other two.

Many people think 'place' means finishing second, but it means a bet placed for a horse to win first or second, giving your horse a chance to win twice, in theory. Because the odds are greater for this to happen than winning the race outright, the payoff is not relatively as high.

The term show is much like the above, except that it means that your horse must finish first, second, or third. Again, since your horse now has three chances of winning, the payoff is slightly less than win or place.

Exacta is also a familiar term in sports betting when you are at the racetrack. Picking the exacta means picking the horse that will finish first and the horse that will finish second in exact order, hence the term 'exact'.

Another bet you might make is the Trifecta, which is like the Exacta, except for the fact that you must choose the top three horses in the correct order. As you can imagine, correctly choosing three horses to finish in the top three and in the exact order of finish is quite the challenge, so the payoff on this bet is very high.

The daily double is another sports betting term in horse racing that we've all probably heard, even if it was in the movies. This bet requires you to pick the winner of two races that run back-to-back. You must place your bet on both races before the first one even begins.

Without wasting your time, let us present the tips on how to give yourself a winning chance at horse racing.

Tips for Horse Racing Bets

Know How to Choose the Right Horse

One of the first tips every bettor should use is to know how to choose the right horse. For this to happen, you have to do more than just look at the race list for the day. You have to research and see how the different horses have performed in past races. You might discover that a horse that is not highly favoured does well in specific races.

Check Other Factors Besides the Horse

Another tip to use for your sports betting on horse races is to look at more than just the horse. Although the horse is the one you bet on, trainers and jockeys also play a massive role in how well that horse will do.

For instance, you could have a great horse but not have a great jockey. That really will diminish your odds of winning. You want to find out as much information as you can on the different jockeys to know what type of handling they typically do with horses. The same goes for trainers. You want to make sure they train them for all different situations.

Stake Smartly

Another strategy you need to use to succeed in horse racing sports betting is to make smart bets. If you know a horse can perform well but do not think it can win it all, you might want to consider a place or show bet.

That way, you still have a chance to win even if the horse does not come in the first place. You cannot just go out every time trying to pick the overall winner because that is nearly impossible.

Although these can be difficult to figure out for beginners, the best way to become great at horse betting is to experience it.

If you have a track in your area, it is smart to visit it and just watch the races. You do not even have to make bets. You simply want to see the races. Then you can make as many bets as you want online because you will have a better understanding of how to make smarter bets. You will have a better chance of winning if you do some homework before betting.

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