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Japan Cup 2012 Results: Gentildonna nips Orfevre, then survives inquiry

Gentildonna crosses the finish line first after trading paint with Orfevre in the middle of the stretch and then survives a stewards inquiry to winner of the 2012 Japan Cup.

Anton Want/Allsport

Gentildonna (JPN) forced her way off the rail to avoid the tiring front runner, bumping race favorite Orfevre (JPN) hard inside the final quarter mile, and then finished first under the wire by a long nose. An inquiry ensured immediately after the finish that lasted roughly 20 minutes, after which the top three remained the same.

The key point in the stretch came as front runner Beat Black (JPN) began to tire along the rail with Gentildonna closing fast behind him. Orfevre moved towards the front while drifting slightly towards the rail, while Gentildonna made a move to find room off the rail and bumped hard with Orfevre. The contact was severe enough to push Orfevre at least one path wider. From there, the two battle towards the finish line where Gentildonna was able to hold of the Japanese Triple Crown winner and 2011 Horse of the Year by a nose.

On a personal note, I bet Gentildonna at 9/1 making this inquiry an especially painful one. All 20 minutes of it. I was happy to have Gentildonna stay up but I was preparing for a DQ given the amount of bumping taking place and the imitation of that contact by Gentiledonna.

Below are the North American payouts, fractions and internal splits for the 2012 Japan Cup at Tokyo Racecourse.

Video Replay via JRA.

Horse Win Place Show
15-Gentildonna (JPN) $20.00 $8.50 $7.80
17-Orfevre (JPN) $4.80 $4.40
13-Rulership (JPN) $5.00

Base Bet Combo Payout Pays to -
$1.00 Exacta 15/17 $23.35
$1.00 Trifecta 15/17/13 $113.45
$0.20 Superfecta 15/17/13/10 $296.02
$1.00 Double 8/15 $70.50
$1.00 Pick 3 10/8/15 $7,557.85 3-of-3
$1.00 Pick 5 1/1/10/8/15 $205.35 4-of-5
Pick 5 Carryover $16,420.94

Distance Fractions Internal Splits
1/4: 23.80 23.80
1/2: 48.10 24.30
3/4: 1:12.30 24.20
Mile: 1:36.50 24.20
1 1/4: 2:00.10 23.60
Finish: 2:23.10 23.00

The Capital Stakes, run two races prior to the Japan Cup, involved a long shot winner to shame all other long shots: Yamanin Whisker (JPN), sent to post at odds of 175/1 in North America and 254/1 in Japan, rolled home to win by open lengths and light up the tote board in Tokyo. In his last ten races, Yamanin Whisker hadn't finished better than 7th or closer than 3 1/2 lengths from the winner. In his last three, he finished 12th beaten 17 1/4, 11th beaten 10 1/4 and 12th beaten 14 1/2... and then he wins for fun. Check out some of the payouts:

$2 Win: $356.70
$2 Place: $83.90
$2 Show: $77.50
$1.00 Exacta: $1,131.45
$1.00 Trifecta: $3,886.40
$0.20 Super: $2,233.25

That's some serious iron.