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Kentucky Derby 2013: Posting Schedule

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A look at the content coming your way from ADTSTC in the week ahead of the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Rob Carr

My Old Kentucky Home

We're just two weeks away from the first Saturday in May, and just a week away from the start of Derby Week here at ADTSTC. As is our tradition, we'll kick off Derby week with our 3rd Annual And Down The Stretch They Come Bourbon Thread. For those that are relatively new to the site, the bourbon thread is the place to discuss your plans for enjoying the Kentucky Derby with your favorite barrel-aged, corn-based distilled spirit. Whether you drink your bourbon in a Mint Julep, on the rocks, neat, or just straight from the bottle, The Bourbon Thread is the perfect start to Derby Week.

The rest of Derby Week will include a look back at some of the great races in Derby history, an overview of the wagering and payouts at the Derby since 2000, a live blog of the post position draw, staff picks for the Derby and Oaks (and the undercard stakes races), and, of course, open threads on Oaks and Derby day for all of your handicapping discussion.

Below is the tentative Derby week posting schedule for ADTSTC:

Date Day Post
4/28/2013 Sunday Kentucky Derby Wagering Since 2000
4/29/2013 Monday Kentucky Derby Favorite Historical Races
4/30/2013 Tuesday The Bourbon Thread - Get Your Drink On!
5/1/2013 Wednesday Post Position Draw
5/2/2013 Thursday Kentucky Oaks & Undercard Staff Picks
5/3/2013 Friday Kentucky Oaks Day Open Thread
5/3/2013 Friday Kentucky Derby & Undercard Staff Picks
5/4/2013 Saturday Kentucky Derby Day Open Thread
5/7/2013 Tuesday Winner's Pedigree Profile & Stallion Prospects