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Kentucky Derby 2013 Picks

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It's time for the 2013 Kentucky Derby Staff Picks.

Al Bello

If you lose on these picks, well, it's your own fault for not knowing how to handicap a race on your own!

Without adulation or introduction:

Race JP Top Pick Siva&Bale3 Top Pick Matt Top Pick TFTribe Top Pick
Turf Sprint 4-Ghost Is Clear 4-Ghost Is Clear 1-Southern Dude 8-Icon Ike
Humana Distaff 1-Jamaican Smoke 7-Burban 1-Jamaican Smoke 8-Byrama
CD Turf Mile 2-Channel Lady 6-Stepahnie's Kitten 6-Stepahnie's Kitten 8-Marketing Mix
Churchill Downs 5-Unbridled's Note 2-Hierro 7-Politicallycorrect 9-Delaunay
Turf Classic 6-Jeranimo 8-Wise Dan 8-Wise Dan 8-Wide Dan
Kentucky Derby 9-Overanalyze 8-Goldencents 12-Itsmyluckyday 14-Verrazano

Race JP Odds Play Siva&Bale3 Odds Play Matt Odds Play TFTribe Odds Play
Turf Sprint 1-Southern Dude 7-Berlino Di Tiger 1-Southern Dude 7-Berlino Di Tiger
Humana Distaff 5-There Is No Limit 5-There Is No Limit 3-Same Cross 4-Emma's Encore
CD Turf Mile 6-Stephanie's Kitten 10-Stopshopping Maria 6-Stephanie's Kitten 12-Channel Lady
Churchill Downs 7-Politticallycorrect 2-Hierro 7-Politicallycorrect 2-Hierro
Turf Classic 5-Swift Warrior 4-Silver Max 4-Silver Max 2-Slim Shady
Kentucky Derby 20-Vyjack 19-Java's War 10-Palace Malice 12-Itsmyluckyday