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Breeders' Cup Historical Payouts

A look at the historical payouts at the Breeders' Cup from 1984 to present.

I started on a project several years ago with the idea of creating a spreadsheet that detailed the Win, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 6 payouts for every race run at the Breeders' Cup since its inception in 1984. After many hours of ten-keying in numbers I finally came up with my Breeders' Cup Payout spreadsheet. Over the past year or two I've added tabs providing an overview of Field Size, Odds for the top four finishers, and a payouts Summary. A link to the spreadsheet is below:

Breeders' Cup Historical Payouts

I find this type of data useful in a couple of ways. First, this historical Pick 3 and Pick 4 payouts provides a decent gauge as to the range of payouts a player can expect during the Breeders' Cup, which helps me decide how much to invest into the pools. Second, I'm also able to determine which races tend to provide the shortest and longest prices of the day. Even though each successive Breeders' Cup is an entity all on its own, I find it useful to know that the Juvenile Fillies and the Distaff (Ladies Classic...whatever) have historically seen short prices in the winners circle, while the Sprint will bring home a bomb as much as it brings home the chalk. That's useful information if you're trying to decide where to allocate your wagering dollars.

I culled this information from the historical results charts from every Breeders' Cup, which are available in several places: at under their historical charts database (you'll need to know the date and track to find the charts), at in their Breeders' Cup Advance (which is only available in the month or so prior to the Breeders' Cup), or at the Breeders' Cup Stats site.

A couple of notes relating to the spreadsheet:

  1. All payouts correspond to $2 payouts. I did this purely from a consistency desire as I didn't want to go back and forth between $2 Win bets, $1 Supers, $2 Daily Doubles, $1 Pick 4s, and $2 Pick 6s, and on and on.

  2. Information that I do not yet have on this spreadsheet is a link between the Daily Double and Pick 3/4/6 payouts and the specific races in those sequences. That is something I hope to add at some point in the future.

  3. At this point in my handicapping career I have yet to hire an Executive Assistant that can review everything that I produce. In other words, there may be some errors or typos. If you catch something that doesn't look right, please let me know so that I can update the numbers. At this point I think things are pretty solid on all fronts but since this is a work in progress, it is certainly possible that a number is off or a cell isn't calculating correctly.

  4. You are free to use this data in anyway you see fit since it is freely available for anyone to see in the results charts. The only thing I've done is organized it into this format. However, if you pass along the spreadsheet itself I would appreciate a little shout out as to where you got the chart.