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Multi Surface Graded Stakes Winners Since 2006

The dawn of the "Synthetic Era" in 2006 has challenged horses' abilities to win over a variety of different surfaces. Which horses have won graded stakes races over multiple surfaces since 2006? More than you might think.

Wise Dan is one of 11 horses to win a graded stake on dirt, turf and synthetic surfaces since 2006.
Wise Dan is one of 11 horses to win a graded stake on dirt, turf and synthetic surfaces since 2006.
Harry How

I did a write-up on this topic back in early September but I like to update my files periodically with new stakes results to see if we have any new additions to the multi-surface winner categories. And, in fact, that's what we've got.

As a quick refresher: I've got a spreadsheet where I'm keeping track of all graded stakes winners since 2006, the year when synthetic surfaces came to the forefront at several major tracks in the United States. I've broken down the winners into four categories: Dirt/Turf, Dirt/Synthetic, Turf/Synthetic, and Dirt/Turf/Synthetic. The lists are not complete due to the fact that initially I wasn't including races at Woodbine in the analysis. My current spreadsheet includes Woodbine but only for the last couple of years, which means there are surely a few horses missing. But at least we get an idea of some of the best multi-surface graded stakes winners.

You can find the full list of multi-surface winners since 2006 (or, at least the ones I've been able to discover) at the Google Drive link below.

Multi Surface Graded Stakes Winners since 2006

I've added dam sire information to linked document; previously I only included the sire data.

There are 12 additions to the lists since I posted my last surface analysis, although three of the new additions aren't actually "new", I simply realized I had missed them in my prior analysis. Below are the new multi-surface winners:

Dirt / Turf:
Afleeting Lady
Eden's Moon
Hudson Landing

Dirt / Synthetic:
In Lingerie
Include Me Out
Ravalo (not "new", just missed in prior analysis)
Kelly's Landing (not "new", just missed in prior analysis)

Turf / Synthetic:
Spring Venture
Tizaqueena (not "new", just missed in prior analysis)

Dirt / Turf / Synthetic:

As you can see from the above list, we didn't add any horses to the "All Three" category, but we could be in store for some interesting accomplishments in 2013, depending on the how the season goes. Wise Dan is already a graded stakes winner on all three surface but if he were to win a Grade 1 race on a synthetic surface in the future he would become just the second horse to win a Grade 1 over all three. Lava Man is the only other horse to accomplish that feat.*

*Einstein (BRZ), Panty Raid and General Quarters all won Grade 1s on turf and synthetic but could only muster a Grade 2 or Grade 3 score over dirt.