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Pick 3/Pick 4/Pick 6

Gulfstream's Rainbow 6 nears the end of the road

With $6,303,426.30 in carryover heading into Saturday's card, Gulfstream Park's Rainbow 6 wager could potentially rise to well over $10,000,000 by Memorial Day when the wager must payout.

Rainbow 6 Mandatory Payout; Keeneland Opening Day

The Gulfstream Park Rainbow 6 features a $1.9 million carryover on the final day of the 2012/2013 meeting. Also, Keeneland opens their 2013 Spring meet this afternoon.

Rainbow 6 Hits For $3.6 Million

The run of carryovers is done as a single ticket takes down $3.6 million in the Gulfstream Park Rainbow 6.

The Rainbow Six: A Great Idea

A great idea to not only make someone rich, but to bring a ton of attention to the sport.

The Emerald Downs Pick 5 and other Thursday Odds and Ends

A look at the recent payouts of the Pick 5 at Emerald Downs, as well as other news and notes around the world of horse racing.

$789,100 Pick Six Carryover at Gulfstream Park

The Rainbow Pick Six at Gulfstream Park went unhit again on Thursday, keying a $790,000 carryover into Friday.

$712,338 Pick Six Carryover at Gulfstream Park

A look at today's Pick Six at Gulfstream Park, featuring a $700,000 carryover.

Gulfstream Pick 5 on Friday: Fire Sale in the 7th

A look at the 7th race at Gulfstream Park on Friday, a race where five horses that were originally purchased for almost a combined $1 million dollars will be in for a $16,000 claiming price.

Gulfstream Park Pick 4 and Pick 5 Payouts

An in-depth look at the Pick 4 and Pick 5 payouts at Gulfstream Park this winter.

$172k Pick Five Carryover at Gulfstream today (UPDATED)

Gulfstream Park's $0.50 Pick 5 will feature a $172,000 carryover.

Gulfstream Rainbow Pick 6 Hits Twice

A look at the two payouts in Rainbow Pick 6 at Gulfstream Park last week. Both involved only one player holding the only winning ticket.

Hollywood Pick 6 Review

A review of yesterday's Pick 6 at Hollywood Park, which swelled to a pool of $2.1 million.

$517,127 Pick 6 Carryover at Hollywood Park

A look at today's $500,000 Pick Six carryover at Hollywood Park.

Saturday Belmont Late Pick 4

A look at today's late Pick 4 at Belmont Park, which includes the Grade 1 Mother Goose Stakes.

The Power of the Carryover

A quick take on why players love to bet into pools with a large carryover.

Wednesday Belmont Park Pick 6 Results ($930,000 Carryover)

Running results and commentary from today's Pick 6 at Belmont Park

$930,000 Pick 6 Carryover at Belmont on Wednesday (Updated Scratches/Changes)

No guts, no glory. An in-depth look at a possible ticket for the $930,000 Pick 6 carryover tomorrow at Belmont Park.

Sunday Handicapping: Gulfstream All-Turf Pick 4

An all turf late Pick 4 at Gulfstream Park. An in-depth look at a $36 ticket.

How Do You Play The Pick 4?

How do you play the Pick 4? Thoughts and strategies on one of the most popular bets at the track.

Anatomy of a Pick 4 Payout

A 1/4 shot wins the 3rd leg of a Pick 4 and it still pays $1,400. Why a sequence can have value even with the presence of an odds-on favorite.