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2014 Preakness: California Chrome's throat blister

Preakness favorite has throat blister. Horse racing fans everywhere speculate wildly about its possible impact.

Patrick Smith

Make of this whatever you will.

The throat blister heard 'round the world:

Yesterday (via

California Chrome has a small blister in his throat, which Alan Sherman, Art Sherman’s son and top assistant, described as a pimple. He said it appeared before the Derby, went down after treatment, and came back this week.

Today (via

The California Chrome camp was relaxed and jovial, a day after they revealed that California Chrome was being treated for a very small blister in his throat.

"I’m not worried. I think they’ve got to worry about me, to be honest," Sherman said. "My horse will run his race. If he gets outrun, he gets outrun. But they better have their running shoes on."

Alan Sherman, Art’s son and top assistant, on Friday morning said California Chrome "is fine, his throat is fine."