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Ramble On

I Can Fix Churchill Downs

But they wouldn't let me.

The Juvenile Stakes Schedule is Dumb

So let's fix it.

So, how you been?

Yes, I've been away. No, I wasn't lost in the Amazon.

AVFTG: A(nother) Triple Crown Failure

Big race? Check. Did I attend? Check. AVFTG installment? CHECK.

OT: Commercials on TVG & HRTV are pure gold

If I spend too much time thinking about Triple Crown failures I'm gonna get depressed. Hey, let's talk about those great commercials on TVG and HRTV!

Kentucky Derby 2014: The Aftermath

What do we know now?

Random Friday Thoughts

Thoughts on some of this weekend's races, plus a look at a new wagering application at Emerald Downs.

Cleaning up Racing

There's lots of negativity around our sport right now, so let's examine my ways to make some drastic changes to increase accountability and to demand transparency.

Horse racing nicknames for Kentucky sports teams

When ADTSTC writers start Tweeting about horse racing nicknames for college teams, the results speak for themselves.

Tuesday Quick Takes

Some thoughts from last weekend, plus, a new endeavor this season.

Thursday Quick Thoughts

"And now back to our regularly scheduled program..."


Recharging the handicapping batteries.

Thursday Thoughts

Maybe Belmont’s Pick 6 will carry over again today. Then I’ll have to play it, if only to have a glimmer of hope, or at least hold onto that glimmer until the first race finishes.

Random Thoughts for a Monday

Been crazy busy over the past two weeks, so sorry for the light involvement. But here’s like a couple thousand word diatribe to make up for it!

Random Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday. I have thoughts.

Sunday Quick Thoughts

Saratoga and Del Mar are on the horizon as we reach the half-way point of July.

Weekend Ramblings: Wise Dan is Ridiculous Edition

I mean seriously? The best way to win on the turf at Churchill is apparently to run through the bushes.

Happy Mother's Day (& Other Thoughts)

Derby hangover is over. Preakness week is upon us.

Monday Quick Thoughts

The day after the Super Bowl needs to be a national holiday.

Featured Fanshot

"The Happy Punter"

"The Happy Punter"

OT: College Football Pick 'Em League

2012 College Football Pick 'Em League through Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

Random Sunday Thoughts: The Green Monkey Almost Gets A Winner

The Green Monkey, the $16 million horse, almost got his first winner on Saturday when Chongo Verdi finished second in a Maiden Special Weight at Calder.

Off Topic: A Movie So Bad, It's Good - The Legacy of Road House

Off Topic: A Movie So Bad, It's Good - The Legacy of Road House

Big Weekend Ahead

A Big weekend of racing ahead with the 2012 Dubai World Cup and the Florida Derby.

A Little Bit of Luck

A review of the premier episode of HBO's horse racing series, Luck.

Road Trip

OT: College Football

Around the Backstretch: All Things Lead To Kentucky Edition

A look at items making news around the world of horse racing.

Vegas/Weekend Stakes

Tuesday Morning OT: A Walk Though The Sky Mall

What does one do during 22+ hours of travel from England to the Pacific Northwest? Extensively read the Sky Mall catalog, of course! An off-topic posts featuring the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Sky Mall 2011 Spring catalog.

Easter Sunday Quick Thoughts

Made it to London...can't wait to make a bet

Odds and Ends: Rick Dutrow is denied a license by Kentucky, the Apple Blossom field is small, and Keeneland will again feature highly competitive Grade 1 races.